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Whether you need help with a software glitch, a nasty virus removed, or guidance on a new computer purchase, the NY/FL Nerds is there for you 24x7x365. We cover all of New York City, Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut, and now Florida. We’re not limited just to these places – we can (and have been) dispatched all over the world. If you have a tech problem, security situation, or need a forensic examination, you can call on the NY/FL Nerds.

The NY/FL Nerds is so much more than an on-site break-and-fix operation. We also offer Managed Services, Managed Security Services, Business Telephone Service – everything you and your business need to be safe and secure in the digital world.

This is not a full list of all we do – Really! Give us a call, shoot us a text, or an email and tell us your problem. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Hello Florida! We’re the Nerds and

We’re Here For You 24/7/365

When we first told folks in New York that the NYNerds we were adding a location in Florida, they thought we were retiring. We actually spent quite a bit of time looking at locations in Florida, Colorado, Texas, and Nevada. When deciding time came, Florida choose us. We fell in love with the Treasure Coast and her citizens. Since opening in November of 2019, we’ve outgrown our Fort Pierce offices located in gorgeous Downtown Fort Pierce. We now have 3 locations: Port St. Lucie, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale. We’re servicing clients from Melbourne to Miami.

We Come To You

Need on-site service? You got it. Call us at 833-463-6373 to hear all your options. If it’s an emergency, press the number for Emergency Support, and we’ll connect you. And yes, we are available to come to you. — home or business — 24/7/365. You can’t beat that.

Help You Remotely

Whichever you prefer. What can we do remotely? How about installing most software, troubleshooting problems, removing viruses, and tuning up your computer’s performances. That’s just for starters.

Got Questions?

We’ve got answers to your questions. And we get them to you fast. How fast? (Yes, we have an answer to that question!) 3 minutes. Or even less. That was our average response time in 2019. And all those 3-minute responses? They came from real human beings. Not bots. Nothing canned. People helping people.

NYC is Known For Many Things:

The Empire State Building, Bagels, and The New York Nerds!

For close to 25 years, New Yorkers know who to call at 3am when they need computer/network help. They call the New York Nerds, and you should too. We’ve been servicing business and residential clients in New York City, Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey, and Connecticut. All New York Nerds hold at least 1 industry certification, and that includes the office manager. Some of our clients include 800 Flowers, Zagat, Brooks Brothers, and The United States Department of Homeland Security.

Whether your computer needs a new hard drive, or you’ve had a security breach and need an investigation, the New York Nerds is here for you 24x7x365.

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    Client’s Review

    When I thought all was lost, the Florida Nerds in the personage of Tony Cundiff took my dead laptop and restored it to life over night. There were some follow on issues that Tony quickly resolved right after I brought them to his attention. Best service I’ve ever had. I heartily recommend them to anybody in need of computer service.

    Robert Borton
    Time after time these “nerds” come through. I have tried others over the years but has not found anyone as competent or knowledgeable than “nerd” Tony C. He gets to the root of the problem and gets you back in business in record time. You rock Tony!
    Excellent, reasonably priced, quick service. I had a virus on my laptop and the professionals at The Florida Nerds had it fixed in 24 hrs. I was so relieved that they were able to fix it so quickly. The repair was excellent, and I recommend them to anyone seeking help with their electronic devices.
    Sarah Nicole

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    More on IT Services in New York and Florida

    Cloud computing transforms the operation of tech-based companies, and opens new possibilities for industry and can lead to an increase in productivity and growth. Cloud computing allows for storing processing, analyzing, and managing massive quantities of data in real-time and across multiple servers. Therefore, software solutions can be accessed at any time using any device or web browser.

    We utilize cloud technology frequently and we don’t even realize that we do. For instance you may have your team use Google Docs instead of exchanging Microsoft Word documents through email. It’s an easy simple and easy approach to increase collaboration of your team.

    There are many types of cloud computing technology, and today, we’ll look at SaaS definition and how it compares with other categories of cloud computing.

    What is Software-As-A-Service (SaaS)?

    What is the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model? It is a cloud computing category which requires leasing access to a pre-built software application via the internet.

    The concept of SaaS was first introduced in the latter part of the 1990s. It was initially just a notion with no real applications. However, over the last few times, the scenario has changed. A variety of SaaS providers came on the scene with hundreds of hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world have increased their capital thanks to the SaaS model. Based on Statista projections that this SaaS market is predicted to reach nearly $133 billion by the year 2020.

    What is SaaS mean? SaaS stands for software as a service definition states that SaaS is a way that uses applications for business that are in the form as internet services. SaaS applications are hosted on the server of the service provider, and are accessible to users via any device connected to the internet. The user does not purchase an SaaS app and instead rents it for a specific amount for a certain time to access it.

    The most significant benefits of this model are:

    • Lower cost of ownership;
    • Shorter deployment terms;
    • Entry thresholds are low and there is the chance to test the software for free;
    • Support, updates maintenance, and support is the obligation of the vendor.
    • Access worldwide;
    • Possibility of connecting offices distributed and remote staffmembers;
    • The user will have to meet minimal requirements for their hardware
    • Cross-platform capabilities.

    Traditional Software is different. Software as a Service

    What are the main differentiators between traditional on-premise hosted software, and SaaS? Here are five key points to consider in this issue:

    1. Purchasing

    To begin working in your SaaS provider, you will need to pay a regular cost in exchange for the services. The majority of established vendors offer a range of trial plans and periods, which let you try out the software before.

    The traditional application has two options – the customer purchases ready-to-use software that can be further customized according to the requirements after installation, or develops the app from beginning from scratch. The third most popular subscription model – the subscription model – takes the periodic charges like SaaS. The difference is that customizations will require additional charges.

    2. Hosting

    Beginning your relationship to this SaaS vendor, you will be able to ignore hosting fees and problems. The vendor handles all related tasks.

    Traditional solutions require hosting fees. If it is on-premise deployment, this will incur the costs of servers, network infrastructures, as well as their support and maintenance. When the application is delivered via external hosting, extra costs are incurred by hosting and support charges.

    3. Maintaining

    NY/FL Nerds SaaS Model of business is built around subscription. The initial costs are affordable, and service providers provide attractive discounts and benefits in exchange for long-term partnerships.

    Supporting software that is traditional will require a large number of extra fees. For instance, every update, new user additional module, or bug fix costs you more.

    4. The backup of the data

    SaaS providers take care of regular backups. In the event of any issue, you’ll have the opportunity to easily rollback.

    Making reservations for traditional methods is the job of your employees.

    5. Security

    The most reputable SaaS providers have tested and proven security techniques and have experts.

    If you are developing a traditional app the developers must have the experience to utilize the latest security techniques and ensure that the application safe.

    SaaS Vs PaaS IaaS vs IaaS

    After we have discussed the SaaS commercial model it’s time to learn about other cloud computing-based distribution model. Also, IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS What are these abbreviations, what are their main characteristics, and how do you pick the best one in your next endeavor?

    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

    Cloud providers like this give their customers the possibility of creating a virtualized network environment made up of components such like routers, servers switches, additional networking devices, interconnections storage operating systems, software, and more. IaaS is a fantastic alternative to purchasing expensive hardware to make use of a particular software ecosystem. IaaS users are in complete control over the whole virtualized data center within the cloud, with other services such as monitoring, accumulation of data from operations as well as log analysis, backup replication and recovery.

    IaaS Features:

    • A full variety of services of a comprehensive network infrastructure
    • Flexible, high scalability and moving resource control
    • Complete control over the infrastructure;
    • Costs for the services depend on the consumption of resources.

    Platform as a Service (PaaS)

    PaaS services are cloud frameworks utilized by engineers to serve to build customized software. The development team is in charge of the app, while servers and the physical infrastructure are supplied by the PaaS vendor. This lets IT, experts, to concentrate on the design of a solution instead of dealing with infrastructure problems.

    PaaS and SaaS have a lot in common. The primary distinction is that SaaS offers ready-to-use apps whereas PaaS gives the tools to the creation and distribution of applications.

    PaaS offers:

    • Impressive scalability;
    • An abundance of services to help with the development of software and for testing it;
    • Integration with a variety of Web services.

    What is the main difference of IaaS PaaS and SaaS?

    ScopeKey BenefitsExamples
    IaaSAccess to a complete virtual network environment
    • Flexible and scalable
    • Control of the resources that are consumed;
    • Pay-as-you-go model
    Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine
    PaaSThe development of applications and their deployment
    • Scalability;
    • Unlimited customization features;
    • Development efforts are slowed down;
    • Business automation
    Heroku, Force.com, OpenShift
    SaaSAccess to software on any device that is connected to the World Wide Web.
    • Updates to software that are seamless;
    • Cost-effective subscriptions at affordable prices;
    • Access to the internet is seamless
    Salesforce, Dropbox, Slack


    Cloud computing keeps revolutionizing IT industry. The categories it’s in offer huge opportunities for many companies and experts. SaaS services have had the greatest impact since millions of users across the globe experience the benefits and ease of SaaS products every day.

    There are lots of positive effects for your business when you choose to upgrade infrastructure for cabling

    With increasing numbers of electronic devices designed to connect wirelessly, there is a need to examine the benefits that structured cable systems offer prior to creating a new one within your office.

    What exactly is structured cabling used to do?

    Structured cabling constructed cabling system can provide a full communications infrastructure that allows businesses and organizations as well as government to transfer information or voice, alarm signals, or video through the network. This is due to the fact that the well-constructed cable system has a higher degree of security and is much more secured and durable in comparison to networks based on wireless tech.

    Which are the best five benefits of structured cabling?

    1. Simplicity

    Structured cabling systems offer the highest level of simplicity in terms of organization. The majority of businesses utilize different types of IT equipment and devices simultaneously. Therefore, using one system simplifies the burden associated with the deployment of multiple wiring infrastructures at the same time. If there’s an issue, it would be easy to find and fix the problem in the event that you were running everything through the structured cabling of your network.

    2. Less downtime

    Because structured cabling is organized it is easy to deal with various issues related to connections, resulting in reduced downtime. It is likely that you will spend a significant amount of time trying to find the cable that is causing an issue when you have multiple wiring infrastructures. This could reduce productivity as employees must wait until the troubleshooting process for networks is finished, which will hurt the business’s revenue. With the use of structured cabling issues are resolved very quickly, thereby cutting the amount of downtime.

    3. Adaptability

    Structure cabling systems offer extremely powerful bandwidth. With high bandwidth, the system is able to be able to handle any new software that are introduced to your company, i.e., video conference or multimedia, with no interruption to the current system. So, you can be sure that your cabling system will not be outdated in the near future.

    4. More flexibility

    A structured cabling solution has the benefit of a great degree of flexibility since it can quickly and easily accommodate any modifications, additions or shifts. It will ensure that your company enjoys increased performance which leads to an increase in business expansion. This also decreases the amount of time required for installation and also improves flexibility to the changes to the network infrastructure which makes it easier for you to move into an office in a different location.

    5. Simple to handle

    There is no need to constantly be connected to the network team to maintain your structured cabling center in check. The reason is that cables are neat and you are able to easily identify the cable that has been connected to what area. Therefore, if there’s a problem regarding the connection or the network it’s simple to identify the issue.

    Do you require assistance with structured cabling installation or cabling systems? By using these structured cabling solutions you’ll be able to manage your entire workplace and mobilize your team and ensure that team members are on the same team.

    The NY/FL Nerds utilizes top-of-the-line software and years of experience in customizing it to offer the most precise monitoring of networks possible. We not only monitor your servers, but also your routers as well as switches and desktops as well. Prevention is the key to ensuring that technology is running at its best and avoiding costly downtime as well as loss of data.

    24/7 Network Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance
    We keep an eye on your network 24/7 all week long. If an issue occurs, the engineers and technicians at the New York and Florida Nerds are alerted and can work remotely to solve your problems. Most of the time we contact you to inform you that the issue was solved before you noticed something was wrong.

    All New Partnerships Start With A Network Evaluation
    Free of charge and with no obligation, we’ll be on-site to conduct a thorough analysis of your network to determine whether your network is maintained to ensure maximum speed security, performance, and safety. We’ll search for hidden issues like spyware, damaged hard drives, or out-of-date security patches, and verify your network’s security and backups for your system, and any other important maintenance issues that could result in prolonged time in the dark and high-cost repair costs.

    Our Managed Proactive Services include:
    Live Monitoring in Real-Time and alerting24/7 surveillance of your network will ensure that every device which makes up your network is in good health and operating efficiently and reliably. Your New York and Florida Nerds are alerted, in real-time whenever a potential issue occurs in your network.

    Cloud File Server
    You can securely store, distribute and work with files any time you’re connected to the internet and not just within your team, but also with your external collaborators. With security that is enterprise-level, you can decide who can access protected documents.

    Secure Email
    O365 Essentials provides your team with enterprise-class calendaring, email, as well as tasks. This New York and Florida Nerds integrates this with mail security as well as spam prevention to reduce your risk and boost your efficiency.

    Managed anti-virus protection
    Do not waste your valuable time and energy in the choice of testing, scheduling, deployment, and report of your Anti-virus software.

    All hours of the day Help Desk
    Support for remote IT is just an email just a phone call away. Help Desk New York and Florida Nerds ‘ Help Desk is open 24/7 and is created to provide remote assistance that resolves the client’s issues in the first contact almost all of the time.

    Proactive maintenance and patching
    Regular maintenance and patching after hours of your network are essential for it to function properly. regular maintenance and patches are essential in preventing major problems as well as optimizing performance and minimizing security risks.

    The NY/FL Nerds offer Managed Network Services to all types of businesses, big or small. We encourage you to visit us here or contact us at 516.606.3774 or 772.200.2600 for more details on Our Managed Network Services. We’ll partner together with you to create solutions that meet your requirements right now and also allow for growth in the future and flexibility.

    Contact the NY/FL Nerds Today