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Smart Homes are so much more than a simple doorbell.

Smart Home System Design & Setup

Do you remember to lock the doors before you left home or switch off your lights? Do you ever wonder why you need to return home in the in the middle of the night? Are you away on vacation and you just received a notice that someone has entered your property? If only you could remote connect to your surveillance system from any location on the planet. Well, you can. There are numerous things you can achieve with a smart house that it’s truly incredible. From shutting off your coffee maker remotely to heating up your hot tub when you’re out to take a bite, with the technology available today the sky is truly the limit.

A few years ago, everything Smart Home was expensive and it was difficult for installers to come across that had a working knowledge of the technology. Today, Smart Home Technology is the most affordable option available. It’s also a lot more sophisticated. It’s also a lot more advanced. Florida Nerds can help you navigate through the various areas of your house. You’d like to be intelligent decisions, and we’ll give recommendations. It’s that easy. We don’t have a travel cost as well as all estimations are Free.

The options are limitless, really!


There are a myriad of alternatives available in the market for Smart Homes and making not-so-smart devices “smart” and the possibilities are limitless. It is possible to remotely control thermostats, televisions blinds, computers coffee makers, vaccums and even an animal treat dispenser that can throw treats when you push the phone button. Here are some additional Smart Home ideas.

Intelligent home climate control features could be :

Service single zone or multi-zone units, Intelligent thermostats that can upgrade your current climate control system by incorporating modern,sophisticated design, remote temperature sensors

On-demand security features could include:

Surveillance cameras you can connect remotely using a phone application Motion detection sensors Automated locks you can control from a distance Integration with the alarm system you already have

Controlling audio and video in the home is a smart feature. features could comprise:

Separate audio zones in the home which can play different tunes throughout different spaces! Radio streaming, and the integration of major radio applications Control your home’s system from your television as well as your home security cameras

Smart Home lighting may include:

Touch free light dimming Light sensors that are activated by motion Control of lighting on demand The lighting scenes in the home

Smart home lighting features can include:

Touch free light dimming Motion activated light sensors On-demand lighting control Lighting scenes throughout the home

What else can be made Smart?

A brief list of TVs, Receivers for A/V Computers, Hot Water Heaters, Sprinkler Systems, Garage Door Openers, Blinds, Pool/Spa Equipment, Refrigerators, Ovens and literally hundreds of other items are smart already or can be made smart.

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More About Smart Homes By the Florida Nerds

The average person is spending 70-80% of their time in the home. With the increasing number of people who are starting to work at home, the increase is even higher! It’s a lot to be spent in your home, and the most effective method to make it be counted is to make your home as efficient as you can. Smart homes can assist you in doing just this!

Like eco-friendly houses Smart homes are becoming more popular with home buyers. Therefore, keeping your home updated with the latest technology can yield a better ROI when the time comes for you to sell your home.

The article below provides an outline of what you need to do to build a more efficient home and the information you’ll need to know about the benefits of this kind of setting. It also provides helpful advice for getting going if you’re considering simplifying your life at home.

What is a Smart Home Function?

It’s not as difficult as you imagine for you to turn your house “smart,” but how can these devices be integrated? This is the essentials!

Virtual Assistants

There are numerous devices available out there that can be used by voice-activated commands, or with an application for mobile phones. Virtual assistants are artificial intelligence programmed to perform specific tasks or services.

Virtual assistants are able to perform simple tasks like notifying you of the date and time, playing music or setting an alarm. However, they can also perform more complicated functions like setting up meetings or delivering reminders.

The most well-known virtual assistants are Google Home, Amazon Echo as well as Apple HomePod. Apple HomePod. You can buy these helpful devices at almost any electronic retailer or find them on the internet.

Intelligent Light Bulbs

Lighting bulbs are among the most commonly used products for bringing a sense of style in your living space. With these bulbs you can program the bulbs to turn on or off at specific times throughout the day, or manually regulate them. You can program the light bulbs to adhere to specific energy schedules that are off and peak to reduce your monthly electric bill. It is also possible to purchase light bulbs that inform you when they’re low on power by sending you an app alert.

Home Security Systems

If you’re looking to make your home more safe one of the best methods to achieve this is to use a smart house security alarm. This article will explain what’s available and assist you in deciding what type of security is best for your requirements.

There are many kinds of security equipment available in the market. A burglar alarm system will be on guard at the entry points to your home as an example, while the fire alarm system can detect smoke and informs authorities when it detects suspicious activity inside.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats can modify the temperature of your HVAC unit in accordance with the activities in your home. They can track the daily patterns, like the time you get up, return back from work or when you go to the bed. It also can detect when there is no one around, and shut itself off until it detects movement. This means that there is less wasted on energy consumption in the event that it is not required throughout the time of the day.

Smart Outlets

The principal function for smart outlets is to manage and monitor the electrical devices connected to them. They help you monitor your consumption of energy, set up schedules for appliances that are plugged in, and also save you money on electric bills over time.

The benefits of smart outlets are:

  • Save money on electricity bills in the long run.
  • The patterns are tracked throughout the day.
  • Create schedules for the appliances you plug into appliances
  • manage and monitor any electrical device connected to them to monitor and control any electrical device plugged into
  • Monitor the power consumption of appliances that you connect
  • Record energy usage data so that you can track the energy use over time.

The benefits of Smart Homes

The advantages of having a smart home are innumerable. Here are some of those amazing benefits:

  • Don’t rely anymore on mechanical timers to turn lights on or off
  • Find patterns of track throughout the day
  • Set up schedules for your plug-in appliances
  • Monitor and control any device with electricity connected to them.
  • Be aware of the amount of power used by appliances that you connect to
  • Keep track of energy usage information to monitor your energy use over time.

In addition to these useful and useful benefits of living in a smart house, These advanced features can also increase your return on investment when it is the time for you to market your house. The majority of buyers today are searching for homes with modern, efficient, and energy-efficient features.

The disadvantages of Smart Homes

Although smart homes are wonderful, as amazing as they can be but there are always negatives to be considered in conjunction with the advantages. There are a few drawbacks that come with living in a home with a smart system:

  • Installations that cost a lot
  • Technology is always unable to function properly
  • It is possible that you will have to update your appliances to be able to take advantage of the most recent features.
  • Costlier than traditional appliances and fixtures.

Tips to Build an Intelligent Home

If you’re thinking of having an intelligent home, it’s essential to understand where to begin to ensure that you get the most enjoyable experience making use of all these latest technology. Here are some tips to remember:

Begin by starting small, and then move up the ladder when you are more comfortable in the new technology. As an example you could buy a smart plug for your lighting and the various timers and switches for on/off. Once you’re happy with it, then you can proceed to have a security system set up throughout your home.

Beware of devices from third parties that aren’t endorsed by the two main makers of smart homes (i.e., Google and Apple). There are a variety of gadgets to pick from, made by different manufacturers that are compatible with Google and Apple including thermostats and smart locks.

Don’t be intimidated to inquire. The technology of smart homes can appear daunting at first however it doesn’t mean that you have to avoid it. If you’re keen to have a home that is smart be aware that there are a variety of options to get the information you’re looking for. Online forums, product manuals as well as installation experts are all excellent resources to help you stay up-to-date about the procedure.

If you’re still not convinced that the smart home is best for your family and you take the time to consider all the benefits and drawbacks and the ways they might (or could not) impact your daily life.

You’ve likely have heard of smart homes. But for those who are like most are, you might be asking yourself what makes a smart house smart. Smart homes are one that is automated, connected, and controlled remotely. Smart homes can make your life more comfortable by making use of technology like the Internet or mobile gadgets to assist you in improving the control of various aspects of your house. Still confused? Look over this comprehensive guide on rooms to find out what’s in a Smart home:



A popular and well-known devices that is smarter than others are the refrigerator, which has an LCD in the front, and many different functions. As an example, suppose you open your refrigerator and find that you’re low in milk. Instead of taking a note to purchase milk, just add it to the list of grocery items using the touchscreen. The list is accessible on your phone, so you can access it when you next visit the store. The touchscreen also includes an agenda that lets you keep the track of all your family’s activities to ensure you’re not forgetting to drop your kids off at soccer practice or take them for a visit to the dentist. This gadget is great for families with busy schedules who require assistance in managing their lives and their lives.

Cutting Boards

Explore your favorite recipes while you chop, slice, and dice them on an intelligent cutting board. The recipe will be displayed onto the cutting surface which means you can follow the instructions without having to reach for your tablet or smartphone.

Coffee Maker

If you’re unable to leave the bed without a cup of coffee then a smart coffee maker could be the ideal gadget for you. The smart coffeemakers can operate with an app that you can run on your phone which means you can start making coffee even before you’ve got up. In addition, you can utilize your home brewer for making coffee or making your beverage.



It’s all about comfort and convenience in a smart bedroom starting with the bed. A lot of smart homes have bed-based smarts that help you feel more comfortable, by giving the option to control the temperature. If you don’t like being cold, but your spouse prefers hot temperatures while they rest, the settings of this bed may be altered to make sure that one part of your bed gets cold, and the other side is warm. Some smart beds will even create themselves at the touch of a button!


Nothing is more painful than sleeping with a bed that’s too hard or soft. Anyone with a smart bedroom won’t experience this problem if they rest on smart adjustable pillows. You can adjust the settings of an intelligent cushion to create it stronger or more comfortable, depending on the preference you have. Make sure you get a restful night’s sleep prior to your bed can also function as an alarm clock and to wake you up each morning.


Have ever wondered why you’re exhausted after a long night’s rest? Smart mattresses may be able to answer that issue for you. Smart mattresses connect to an app that you can download on your phone to track the number of hours you’re sleeping as well as the number of times you toss and turn as you sleep, and also how long you’re in deep, REM sleep. This information can be used to determine why you’re sleeping less soundly as you would like to and how you can do to correct the issue.

Living Room

Security System

A security system that is smart can be installed across your entire home and not only in the living room. Once you’ve set it up you can access live feeds of the cameras using an app for your smartphone. Certain smart security systems let you know who’s knocking on your doors and then open or close the door from a distance. These security systems will make you feel more secure and secure at home. residence.

Smart Lighting

There are many different types that are smart light systems. Some of them are controlled via your smartphone, allowing you to switch lights off and on even when you’re not home. Some systems have sensors that can detect natural light within the space. If there isn’t enough light sources the system will turn on and switch on a few of the lamps or overhead lights within the space. This is not only practical however, it can also help to reduce how much energy used within your home by utilising the lights you’ll need.

Programmable Thermostats

Set the temperature at your home without getting out from your couch by using an adjustable thermostat that can be connected directly to your phone. However smart thermostats are more than just that. the intelligent thermostats can provide more than convenience and convenience. It also can help you save energy when you utilize it correctly. For instance, you can adjust your settings so that the air conditioner doesn’t turn off during the time you work in the summer. This way it is estimated that the Department of Energy estimates that you could reduce 10% off your energy bills.



Toilets are also becoming more modern thanks to the increasing demand in smart houses. There are numerous kinds of smart toilets however, the majority of them have common characteristics. Smart toilets typically come with motion sensors that raise or lower lids whenever they detect motion, self-cleaners that clean within the bowl as well as heaters that warm the seats when a person is sitting down.

Programmable Showers

Smart bathrooms also come with adjustable appliances that could be put in the shower. These devices are programmed to record your shower routine. After you’ve set your settings you are able to alter your water’s temperature, the manner the water sprays on you, and also the lighting in the bathroom using this device.


Are you trying to shed weight or improve your fitness? A smart scale could be a great help. Smart scales are connected directly to your health tracker and you can track the data simultaneously from both devices via an app for your smartphone. These scales can tell you a lot more than just how much you weigh. Smart scales also monitor your weight in water and bone mass, fat mass as well as body mass index.

Of of course, you don’t have to have all the smart home gadgets to make your home to be a smart home. The great thing about smart homes is that you are able to choose which gadgets you want depending on the lifestyle of your family. Select a few of these gadgets for your home and begin living a more comfortable as well as comfortable and more efficient life!

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