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The heart of cyber forensics is ESI — Electronically Stored Information. When you need ESI discovery forensically analyzed or preserved, you call the Computer Forensic Experts, the NY/FL Nerds. The NY/FL Nerds will help you understand your sources of ESI so you can prepare for litigation. Ask us about our proven track record of delivering quality results that are legally valid and that help your case — The NY/FL Nerds are a  great source of confidence as you respond to discovery requests. As Florida’s Computer Forensic Experts, we have strict standards we must uphold. Computer Forensic Experts like the NY/FL Nerds follow the rules of procedure and keep track of the chain of custody. We work in both State and Federal Courts throughout the United States.

We Store Your Forensic Data

Forensic investigations involve a lot of data and require a very high throughput. At the NY/FL Nerds, we have an advanced storage system that can store 2 petabytes (that’s 2,000,000,000,000,000 bytes). That’s a whole lot of data. Computer Forensic Experts in Florida

We Help With Family Law Cases

Dissolution of marriage. Divorce. Probate. Family business separations. Asset searches. All these family law matters can hinge on computer forensic evidence. At the Florida Nerds, evidence. At the NY/FL Nerds, we not only help you obtain the evidence you need — we also serve as expert witnesses when you go before a judge.
And yes, if you’re facing child pornography or child exploitation cases, we’ll provide forensic investigation as well.

We Track Down Trade Secret Theft

If someone in your organization steals your trade secrets, it can destroy your entire business. We don’t want to see that happen. We step in to copy the suspect’s machine at work, the suspect’s machine at work, providing evidence for prosecution or civil action — and we can help you get the evidence you need to compel a search of the suspect’s computer/devices as well.

We Help Protect Your Online Reputation

Fraudsters out there are just waiting to impersonate you — on the internet, on social media, everyone where you go online. Or they want to exploit your company’s good name and reputation to scam innocent people for their own financial gain. Whether you’re a public company, an elected official, a public figure, or just a regular person who’s stumbled into an identity theft scam, our internet investigation services can help rescue you from online threats. The NY/FL Nerds Computer Forensic Experts can also track down social media stalkers, locate and remove trade secret theft on the Dark Web

We Conduct Internal Investigations

Do you suspect an employee or former staffer of fraud or embezzlement? Are you concerned about a sudden drop in productivity on the part of one of your staff? Do you find yourself wondering what that one worker was really doing with their computer? Wonder no more.
Call us. We’ll conduct the internal investigation you need to get the answers you want to know about.

We’ll Be Your Expert Witness

When you ask, “Can I get a witness?”, the answer is always “Yes” at The NY/FL Nerds. We have a long track record of success in court, and we’ll match the best expert witnesses with your specific needs. If you’re in a court case and are looking for an expert witness regarding computer forensics, call us today at 772.200.2600.
We’ll set up a consultation to discuss your case and explain how we can help.

Hi! We’re the NY/FL Nerds Computer Forensic Experts

When you need computer forensics in Florida, you need a team you can count on from every angle. That’s what you get when you come to us. The NY/FL Nerds cyber forensic team is the best at what they do. We use state-of-the-art investigation tech and techniques to gather evidence, preserve it, and prepare it for presentation in court. When it comes to Computer Forensic Experts, you can trust the NY/FL Nerds


We work with any device — computer, memory card, hard drive, cellphone, you name it — to create a chain of evidence that holds up in front of a judge When you need cyber forensics, you need a team you can count on from every angle. That’s what you get when you come to us. The NY/FL Nerds Computer Forensic Experts are the best at what they do. We use state-of-the-art investigation tech and techniques to gather evidence, preserve it, and prepare it for presentation in court. We work with any device — computer, memory card, hard drive, cellphone, you name it — to create a chain of evidence that holds up in front of a judge.

Unlike some other cyber forensics firms, we don’t subcontract our work to other people. We keep your case, your data, and all your details safe and secure as we determine precisely what occurred and who was responsible, all as part of a well-structured investigation. Call, Text, or Book the Computer Forensic Experts Online


What did someone do on a digital device? What is the history of the electronically stored information on a hard drive? When you have a legal case that hinges on accurate answers to these types of questions, you need a reliable, experienced computer forensics expert witness. You need to call us at the Florida Nerds.

Courts and judges can be ultra picky when it comes to admitting and accepting electronic information. Choosing the right computer forensics expert witness can make all the difference. Our expert witnesses have been proven time and time again in court, and they undergo extensive peer evaluation and testing before they head to court on your behalf. You need the very best expert witness, one with a track record of success. Call us at 772.200.2600 to arrange for a free consultation — and yes, we’ll come to you. We have 2 petabytes of storage availability for your forensic data, and we make ourselves available to you 24/7/365. What are you waiting for?

Computer Forensic Analysis

Our ability to dig deep into your computers and other devices to find and analyze the evidence that other teams can’t is what sets Florida Nerds apart from other forensics providers. We use industry-standard software including EnCase, FTK and Paraben. And what do we do with it Password

  1. recovery and removal
  2. Swap / META file examination
  3. Website visitation logs
  4. Internet cache examination
Shield for web

Forensic Investigations

We start the computer forensics services by gathering digital information to help protect your system and prepare for legal cases. Got a hacker? Worried about unauthorized users breaking into your system? Do you suspect industrial espionage? We’ll dig through your computer systems and data to find the truth. We’ll do penetration testing, we’ll run annual security audits, and we’ll deal with all your software licensing compliance issues. And yes, we have an entire department dedicated solely to corporate and industrial espionage.

NY/FL Nerds Computer Forensics Experts Q&A:

Having computer forensics services solutions provider like the NY/FL Nerds can be very helpful in handling computer-related forensic cases.

A computer forensic investigator is an individual that is trained in the field of computer forensics, and works with law enforcement agencies. The investigator can also work in private firms to retrieve information from computers and other types of data storage devices.

Additionally, the computer forensic services analyst should have an excellent working knowledge of all parts of the computer including but not limited to hard drives, networking, and encryption. Patience and the willingness to work long hours are qualities that are well-suited for this position.

In a computer forensic case, the first task is to make an assessment of the facts and circumstances surrounding the case. The final decision about what will be done is left to the specialist. The investigators’ goal is to find out the truth.

Information Overload

There are many things that the computer forensics expert should know about the system and about the user. He will also need to have knowledge about the workings of the operating system of the computer.

Our forensic specialists work in an environment that provides services like: data recovery, incident response, litigation support, and forensic examinations.

The NY/FL Nerds can recover deleted files, wiped discs, and any other digital evidence from the erased memory of the computer. We can also sift through log files looking for the point of entry in case of a data breach.

In certain situations, the disk will be deleted automatically by the system’s administrators of the company.

The NY/FL Nerds’ analysts have high levels of technical knowledge about computers. It’s crucial that the investigator be well versed in operating systems, software applications, and more. They must have experience and training in performing the actual forensic work

Wide Range of Forensic Tools

The NY/FL Nerds forensic examiners are able to use all the resources available. Some services like utilizing specialized software and hardware. Our Nerds are also able to work with specialized investigators and their knowledge of the world of computers.

Computer forensics specialists can include experts who have knowledge of different forms of media. We work with all types of mediums, including DVDs, CDs, and even laser discs. All data extracted is electronically stored, documented, and preserved for trial.

Expertise is gained by working for many years in this field, studying the nuances of different systems and their operations. This in turn will allow the expert to get a good understanding of how various computer devices work.


Computer forensics specialists are the last resort with all other options exhausted. They are likely to be the best option if there is no other way to resolve the issue.

The computer forensics expert is needed to help prove the innocence of the accused. For this reason, it is important to have the correct expertise for the task. The Florida Nerds have been utilized by law firms all over the United States to provide expert witness testimony.

Call, Text, or Book the Computer Forensic Experts Online -Reach out to the NY/FL Nerds today so we can assess your situation and provide a solution.

Nowadays, cyber forensics are defined as the application of electronic forensic tools and methods in the investigation of criminal activities. It’s a new genre of law enforcement that uses modern technologies to gather evidence that is retrieved from computers, servers, and more.

Cyber Forensic Experts

Cyber forensics has opened new doors for both researchers and law enforcement agencies around the world.

As the computer security industry is witnessing a rapid growth, the number of professionals taking up this niche is also increasing. This is why they are taking advantage of tools that can be found in the market. However, the professionals who are applying cyber forensics tools are not any ordinary ones.

Most of the cyber forensics professionals are more concerned about protecting the information than about the action they take to retrieve it. The images, information and sounds that are stored on a computer are the basic building blocks for analyzing the case. Data recovery is possible only when the information is completely wiped from the hard drive. And if the computer has been hacked, minimal methods of restoring the data are available.

This means that the professionals in this field have to first study the latest technologies and put in their efforts to obtain the necessary data. It’s all about gathering information, applying scientific and technical knowledge in order to analyze and take the necessary actions.

What is ESI?

In addition ESI includes data compilations, searching for relevant information in usable form, and sorting through active and/or dormant social media accounts. It’s the duty of the Florida Nerds to preserve ESI. Electronically stored information, ESI is any type of file (document or electronically) stored on any type of medium.

With a correct understanding of the science behind these tools they can further investigate the elements of the case that are important. Electronic forensic information retrieval is an essential part of the legal process. Once the criminal or the agency responsible for recovering the data has already finished its investigation, the professional investigators can look for the remaining records that they need. There is always a need to review and research the records and find out whether the person is still responsible for the crime.

Cyber forensics professionals are aware of the use of these tools. However, they are more concerned about the way they work rather than the content of the files. That’s why the professionals involved in this field are able to go through the entire process from the perspective of information that can be retrieved. They are aware of the consequences that can be caused by tampering with the computer’s registry, the system partition and other relevant areas of the computer.

Cyber Forensic Specialists

As a cyber forensics specialist, you will be dealing with electronic data. And you will be provided with all the data that you require to conduct the investigation. You need to make sure that you learn the proper techniques in order to ensure that the results obtained can’t be tampered with.

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