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Service by Service Geek Squad Comparison

Computer Geek Squad Comparison: Price and Services

You’ve heard of the Geek Squad. They’re those guys based at Best Buy who handle computer repair, upgrades, and setup. Maybe you’ve even used them to transfer data when you bought a new computer or to repair your laptop when something went wrong. Maybe you even had a good experience with them. But what if you also paid more than you needed to for the service you got? What if you could get even better service at better pricing for the same repairs and upgrades? Not just better service, but faster turnaround time, letting you get back to work right away, rather than living in that limbo that occurs when you don’t have your computer or smartphone? That’s where the Florida Nerds come in. No matter how you look at it, the NY/FL Nerds beat the Geek Squad in a head-to-head comparison. Take a look.


How Are the NY/FL Nerds Better Than the computer Geek Squad?

Sure, the Geek Squad gets more publicity. But why would you call an anonymous squad of ever-rotating “geeks” when you could work with an IT company that understands your computer issues, remembers your name, and provides outstanding service every time? Take a look at some of the most significant differences between the Florida Nerds and the Geek Squad. Geek Squad Comparison

Service by Service Geek Squad Comparison


IT Setup

The Geek Squad handles quite a bit when it comes to IT setup. They’ll set up your new laptop or desktop, handle data transfer, install new software, even set up your printer.

But wait— for the most part, they’ll only do this if you bring your device to their store. In a few cases, they’ll talk you through it over the phone, walking you through software installation, for example. But if you need your new device set up, if you want to get more memory for your laptop, even if you just want a shield on your tablet, you’re going to have to haul all your equipment (yes, even your new desktop computer) into Best Buy for a Geek Squad Comparison


The NY/FL Nerds can handle everything the Geek Squad Comparison can (and more), including:

  • Setting up your new laptop or desktop
  • Transferring your apps
  • Transferring all data
  • Installing software
  • Setting up your printer
  • Setting up all mobile devices
  • Setting up your work environment the way you want it
  • Training you on your new devices’ features

And the best part? We come to you, at your home or office, on your schedule.

Sure, Best Buy’s Geek Squad will provide your business with IT services, including installation, diagnostics, repair, virus removal, VPN installation support, and server administration — but you’d better be willing to pay for it. And, as with their consumer services, be ready to spend a lot of time on the phone — because the Geek Squad isn’t coming out to your business to handle issues unless they absolutely have to (and unless you pay a premium price for their advanced office support plan). Geek Squad Comparison


In contrast, at The NY/FL Nerds, we have deep experience with the IT needs of businesses — and we come to you to make sure your needs are met. We work with all operating systems — Mac, PC, Linux, Unix. We can set up the servers your business needs in record time — under an hour in most cases. And we’ll set up your network appliances and workstations, too.

Talk to us as well about web hosting, especially if you rely on apps in a single-tenant environment. We can meet your security and performance requirements with cost savings you’ll appreciate.

We’ll also help you analyze what you need to grow. Do you need to expand your infrastructure? Are you using the right apps to get you where you want to be? We can help you evaluate your current IT and find the right, current solutions to move your organization forward.

Handshake over NY/FL Nerd Contracts


The Geek Squad handles your connectivity issues, setting up your router, checking your bandwidth, and connecting all your wireless devices — though it handles many of these tasks remotely, without coming to your home or office. The NY/FL Nerds matches all these services. We get you hooked up to the internet, and we make sure you’re getting all the bandwidth and speed that you’re paying your internet service provider for. Our connectivity services always keep one eye open for security threats to make sure you’re not vulnerable.


Worried about viruses, malware, and hackers? Better not call the Geek Squad — because if you don’t sign up for a pricey tech support or business support package, they won’t help you with cybersecurity issues at all. And even with those packages, all they’ll do is set up a VPN and handle some virus and malware removal. On the other hand, The Florida Nerds are cybersecurity professionals, ready to identify any vulnerabilities you have and to provide the protection you need.


We pay special attention to your endpoints, and we provide the multilayered protection you need to work safely on your own servers and in the cloud. We protect your customers’ and clients’ data as well. If your business is attacked via spyware or other bad actors, we’ll detect it, remove it, and keep it from coming back.

You can call on us 24/7/365 for network monitoring, so you know the instant a bad guy tries to breach your network. And we provide security audits to make sure every bit of your IT network is as safe as possible. Ask us as well about security for the physical entrances of your facility — whether you need smart cards or biometric ID, we can help you stay secure. Geek Squad Comparisons like this make you want to select the NY/FL Nerds


Network Administration

Yes, the Geek Squad will provide server tune-ups, diagnostics, and repair to businesses — but at a high price. (We’ll talk about pricing in a minute, but here’s a spoiler: You’ll pay $49.99 per month per user for this service from Geek Squad.) The NY/FL Nerds don’t care how large (or intimate) your organization is. We know that when your network is laggy, your employees can’t be as productive as they’d like — and your clients are likely to be unhappy. We’re ready to keep any type of network — LAN, WAN, SAN, VPN, SVPN, WLAN, POLAN — running at peak performance.

Repairs and Upgrades

The Geek Squad is known for doing a solid job with repairs and upgrades. Of course, you’d better plan to bring your computer into the store for service. Even if you’re paying for that high-priced advanced support plan for the business, the Geek Squad Comparison will only come to you if it’s absolutely necessary. In contrast, whether it’s a cracked screen on your smartphone or corrupted software on your laptop, the NY/FL Nerds are ready to help. We repair all your devices — tablets, phones, laptops, and desktops — and we’ll diagnose the issues you’re having with your network.


We can repair or replace a corrupted hard drive, and we’ll diagnose and fix any problems you’re having with your internet connection. We can also add new graphics cards, network cards, memory — or even a new operating system so you keep your workflow humming at top productivity. All of this help is available either at our site or at yours, whichever you prefer.

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Does your business have to navigate government or other regulatory compliance requirements, such as HIPPA, SOX, or PCI/DSS? If so, better not call the Geek Squad — because they don’t offer this service at all. But the NY/FL Nerds offer it. We can make sure you’re always in compliance, providing the remediation strategies you need to keep you up-to-date.

Maybe you’re facing a divorce or a family business separation. One of your employees might have stolen trade secrets or other confidential data, and you’re not sure how to prove what happened. Perhaps you suspect an employee of embezzlement, or maybe you’re dealing with a fraud or identity theft scam. You might even need an expert witness to stand by your side in court. Maybe you’re facing a divorce or a family business separation. One of your employees might have stolen trade secrets or other confidential data, and you’re not sure how to prove what happened. Perhaps you suspect an employee of embezzlement, or maybe you’re dealing with a fraud or identity theft scam. You might even need an expert witness to stand by your side in court.


If any of these are true, don’t even bother calling the Geek Squad. Because they can’t do a thing to help you. When you need cyber forensics, you want to work with people you can count on. The Florida Nerds conduct the investigations you need and provide the chain of evidence that a judge will require. We keep all evidence and data absolutely secure, preparing it all for presentation in court. You can count on us for all your cyber forensics needs.


So it’s clear the Florida Nerds provide services you can’t dream of getting from the Geek Squad. But (we hear you thinking) what does all this amazing service cost? We’re happy to give you full pricing on any service you require (and the price we quote is the price you pay). Let’s take a look at a few of the basics. So it’s clear the Florida Nerds provide services you can’t dream of getting from the Geek Squad.

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But (we hear you thinking) what does all this amazing service cost? We’re happy to give you full pricing on any service you require (and the price we quote is the price you pay). Let’s take a look at a few of the basics. Need online diagnostics and repair? The Geek Squad is going to charge you $149.99 for that. (And given that they claim to solve problems in an average of 45 minutes, that means they’re really charging an average of $199.99 per hour for their services.)

We can beat that, big time. When you call the Florida Nerds for online/remote support, we charge only $80 per hour. We’ll let you do the math. How about the removal of viruses, spyware, and other malware? You’ll have to swallow the same charges from the Geek Squad: $149.99 per call. And once again, the NY/FL Nerds comes in at a sweet $80 per hour. And that includes all software required to make your computer whole and get you protected.

It’s more than just protection – Geek Squad Comparison

We’ll even come to your home or business to handle whatever fixes or setup you need for just $120/hour. That’s right: We charge less for a house call than you’ll pay to talk to an anonymous support guy on the phone at Best Buy.

A simple troubleshooting call to the Geek Squad is going to run you $39.99. (Really?)And you might cringe when you see what the Geek Squad charges for business IT services. Their standard business support plan charges $24.99 per month per user. (Just think: How many computer users do you have in your office? That’s going to add up quickly.) If you need server administration, that monthly charge of $49.99 per user is going to click in. Think about how those high charges will carve a hole in your IT budget when you’re ready for an upgrade or new equipment.

Then, of course, there are all the services that the NY/FL Nerds make available to you that the Geek Squad doesn’t offer. Like cyber forensics — which we hope you never need (but if you do, calling us is the thing to do). Or our specialized security services (also not available from Best Buy). Both for a rock-bottom $220 per hour, either at your location or remote.

How Do the NY/FL Nerds Services Compare to the Geek Squads in Florida?

We’re adamant about a straightforward, simple approach to working with The New York Nerds. Take a look at this chart for help in deciding which place to seek IT services.

When you call the Florida Nerds, you get the in-home and at-work IT services you need. We come to you to set up your system, troubleshoot your IT problems, deliver the most seamless upgrades ever.

We come to you, no matter your equipment — Mac? PC? Android? iOS? We handle it all.

And we can know every operating system inside and out — Microsoft, Mac, Linux — You name it, we got it.

When you need IT business support, the FL Nerds are also on duty. We hook up your hardware. We handle data migration and software upgrades. We provide fully managed IT services. And we deal with your cybersecurity issues when you get attacked by viruses, spyware, or hackers.

We make IT as easy for your business or organization as possible by coming to you. Wherever you are. We come to your office, your studio, your retail location. We’re available 24/7/365, so you don’t have to wait for the help you need.

We may be relatively new to southern Florida, but the Florida Nerds are actually an expansion of the New York Nerds, which has been keeping NYC humming and connected for more than 20 years. New Yorkers love us — and, not surprisingly, so do our newer Florida customers and friends.

So what do our customers say about us? As it turns out, they say pretty good things.

They say, “The best computer service I have found in all of Florida.” “Superior professional service for your computer and networking requirements.” “Went above and beyond to make sure i got the right solution.”

Our customers use words like “amazing.” “Outstanding.” “Professional.” And more: Polite. Prompt. Efficient. Responsive. Fast. Kind. Super-knowledgeable. Trustworthy. Reliable. And (one of our favorites) No BS.

They talk about how we made their life easy. About how we solved difficult problems for them. About how we know our stuff.

It’s no wonder we have a 5-star rating on Home Advisor. A 5-star rating on Google. We work hard to earn our customers’ respect, and we’re grateful when they express their appreciation.

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