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Who are we? Florida Nerds IT Services Company

The FL Nerds is the IT services company south Florida trusts with computer issues, including computer security breaches. We’re available 24/7/365. Put an end to the waste of time and productivity when your whole business stops to try to figure out what’s wrong with your network.

Forget about the agony of trying to hook hardware up correctly. Say no to the hassle of shutting down work to deal with a software upgrade and data migration. We’re available for you in Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, Stuart, Jensen Beach, Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Ft. Lauderdale. That’s what we’re here for. When you need us, we come to your shop, your office, your studio, your warehouse. No matter what time of day or night, you call and we’re there. We’ll get you back on track so you can get back to work. We’re the Treasure Coasts #1 Business IT Services provider.

What Business IT services can we handle? Here’s just a taste:

  • Operating system installation and configuration — Yes, we work on Windows, Mac and Linux based PCs, Servers, and other appliances Managed IT Services – We’re a full service managed services provider
  • IT Support – System or network down? We can fix it. Setup, Deployment, and Configuration of desktop/workstations, servers, network appliances, and more. Computer security breaches.
  • Detection, removal, and prevention of viruses and spyware.

What type of Business IT Services do the NY/FL Nerds Provide?

Tell us what you need, and we’ll do it. It’s that simple. Repairing your laptop’s broken keyboard? No problem. Setting up that new Wi-Fi router? You got it. And more. So much more. Keep reading.

We’ll Set Up Your New Tech

New printer? New router? New computer? Whatever it is, we’ll get it set up and running in no time. And yes, we’ll migrate all your data to your new computer. It’s all part of the job. Call, text, or book us at 772.200.2600.

We’ll Help You Plan for New Tech

What’s the current state of your tech? Are your infrastructure, hardware, and apps meeting your needs? What are your organization’s pain points? We’ll analyze, evaluate, and help you find up-to-date solutions.

Do you need to get your server up and running quickly? We can usually get a server online and ready to go in under an hour. (Whoosh!) And that’s for Windows, Linux, and BSD.
Do you also have to migrate data and software? We’ll handle that for you. Call us at 772.200.2600 to discuss your options

We’ll Provide the Hosting Services You Need

If you depend on applications that require a single-tenant environment, look no further. With the FL Nerds Server Virtualization, you get the tech, security, and performance requirements you need with all the benefits of a cloud-like infrastructure model. Enjoy the agility and cost savings of VMware® or Hyper-V virtualization, and we’ll manage vSphere® and all the underlying infrastructure.

Each endpoint is a launchpad for a potential cyberattack on your network. That means you need protection. We deliver multilayered protection that incorporates AI, file reputation, behavioral analysis, and advanced machine learning. We’ll set it up so you can see and manage all your endpoints from one screen, both on-site and in the cloud.

We’ll Protect Your Data, Too

And your customers’ data. First, we run a security threat analysis to determine your IT risks. Then we lock down your computers and network so the bad guys can even get close.


A Few More Business Services We Can Provide:

Okay, maybe more than a few. Take a look:

  • Complete Business Automation
  • Disaster data recovery with immediate emergency on-site response
  • Network performance improvement
  • Analysis of your network and system needs, with software and hardware choices
  • Network administration
  • Server administration (Windows, Mac OS, Unix)
  • Systems integration
  • Remote access solutions
  • Dedicated or shared web hosting
  • Choosing hardware and software for your business & budget
  • Database development using SQL, MYSQL, Oracle, and Postgres
  • Storage (SAN and NAS) and backup
  • Computer and application training for your employees
  • Complete relocation services
  • Network setup and configuration (Cisco, FS, Juniper, ask us for more)
  • Diagnostics and repair of all systems

Read More about The NY/FL Nerds in Florida

Your network serves as the veins of your infrastructure. If your office network is slow, laggy, up/down, or just not working the way you think it should, the Florida Nerds can address and correct this. Slow networks and computer systems slow down employee productivity, they distort VoIP phone calls, and they can even be the difference between landing a new client or not.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small organization with 5 employees or a large operation with 300 employees spread over three floors, the FLNerds will keep your network running at peak performance. Network administration is just one IT business solution that FLNerds offers.

Types of Networks

The Florida Nerds has over 26 years of experience managing all types of networks that include:

  1. LAN (Local Area Network)
  2. WAN (Wide Area Network)
  3. SAN (Storage Area Network)
  4. VPN (Virtual Private Networking)
  5. SVPN (Secure Virtual Private Networking)
  6. WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)
  7. POLAN (Passive Optical Local Area Network)

We manage your entire computer network to ensure that all your data flows as fast and as securely as possible. We also manage services for networking appliances and infrastructure. At the FLNerds, we employ network administrators, network engineers, and network security engineers. Whatever your networking concern is, we’ll address it and make it right.

If your network serves as the veins of your business, your server is the heart. Your server, which contains much of your network hardware and software, ties the entire office infrastructure together. Your office server is the warehouse for all your data, and it may also run your business accounting application or POS system.

A slow, unresponsive server costs you and your business hours of unnecessary outage time. It also reduces your office’s overall productivity.

At Florida Nerds, we can work with several types of client/server deployments, handling server security as part of our server administration services. Do you have an on-premises server, with the server is located somewhere within the confines of your office? We can work with that. We can also the infrastructure of your off-premises server, like Microsoft Azure. We also support hybrid server deployments, which combine both on and off-premises servers, to ensure that your data is available wherever you are.

Among the types of server operating systems we support are:

  1. Microsoft Windows Server (Active Directory, Azure, Terminal Services)
  2. Virtualization (Hyper-V and VMWare)
  3. Linux (CentOS, Red Hat, CloudLinux, and the like)

We keep the heartbeat of your business running at optimal performance, 24/7/365.

Contact the Florida Nerds today so we can get your server running at optimal performance.

As an employer, of course you’re concerned about loss of employee productivity. That’s why the Florida Nerds keeps your desktops running optimally, taking a proactive stance in managing your users’ workstations. Our desktop support technicians and technical support specialists are available for you 24/7/365. We offer user support for daily workstation applications such as Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, and so many more.

What do we mean when we say we’re here 24/7/365? You can reach the Florida Nerds by multiple methods, including telephone, email, text message, support trouble ticket, and website chat. We can troubleshoot your computer hardware remotely, too. Small businesses rely on the Florida Nerds to keep their employees’ computers running at top performance, and you should, too!

If you’re one of our managed services clients, we handle all your desktop needs. We manage, monitor, and maintain your employees’ desktops, handling all updates, anomalies, security threats, and so much more. We also take care of your day-to-day support functions. Users can reach out to the Florida Nerds as many times as they need assistance — and we respond FAST. Our average response time on electronic communications (email, ticket, web chat, text message) is less than 15 minutes. And yes, that’s a response from a real live human, no matter what your issue is.

Questions about computer hardware? The FLNerds are your information technology experts. We can help you pick out computer hardware economically. We partner with desktop computing companies including Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Apple, leveraging our partnerships to get you and your company better pricing on new computer hardware.

Contact the Florida Nerds today for a free estimate for desktop support.

The Florida Nerds is offering businesses in Southeast Florida a brand new service: our concierge services. When your company outgrows its current office space and you have to relocate, The FLNerds will do it ALL for you. Anywhere. We’ve relocated clients down the block and worldwide.

We handle the physical breakdown of all of your current technology. We label all of your devices and securely pack them for transport. Once your technology has been packed and moved, our team of all-certified Nerds physically move and reconfigure your technology in your new space. Your gear never leaves the hands of the Florida Nerds. And yes, we’re insured.

Our concierge IT business services aren’t just about moving your tech. We also handle all the technical aspects of your move. We make sure the wiring in your new space is working and up to date. If it’s not, we get it right before you move in. The Florida Nerds also reach out to your local internet service providers and get services established. As for your business IT telephony, we make sure that all your jacks are working, and we coordinate with your telephone companies to move your service. Does your business have VoIP? We handle that move too.

Our concierge services to you don’t stop there. The day your business is due to start in the new space, the Florida Nerds will be there with you and your employees. We all know that hiccups happen, especially when it comes to IT business solutions. That’s why the FLNerds have someone on hand to work out any of the kinks that come with moving. We take care of everything from start to finish and be there to ensure everything works.

Contact the Florida Nerds today for a free quote

See what other people say about the NY/FL Nerds in Florida

When I thought all was lost, the Florida Nerds in the personage of Tony Cundiff took my dead laptop and restored it to life over night. There were some follow on issues that Tony quickly resolved right after I brought them to his attention. Best service I've ever had. I heartily recommend them to anybody in need of computer service.
Robert Borton
Robert Borton
23:05 08 Jun 21
Working with NY/FL Nerds has been a pleasure. I am signed up for life because of their amazing service, reliability and expertise. It’s nice to deal with small companies that care. And Tony makes the experience exceptional.
Roz Usheroff
Roz Usheroff
21:43 08 Apr 21
So far, so good. Dropped my Macbook Air off a few days ago. These guys went to work and determined that it was an easy fix and upgraded the operating system and maxed out the memory for practically nothing. I now have a working, fast machine. Also, realized I'd misplaced the cord when I got it home. Called them, and they gave me one. Excellent technically and also just really nice people. Very professional and personable- thank you!
Ellen Sarah
Ellen Sarah
22:12 21 Jan 21
Excellent, reasonably priced, quick service. I had a virus on my laptop and the professionals at The Florida Nerds had it fixed in 24 hrs. I was so relieved that they were able to fix it so quickly. The repair was excellent, and I recommend them to anyone seeking help with their electronic devices.
Sarah Nicole
Sarah Nicole
18:20 25 Jan 21
They diagnosed my issue (needed a new video card) and didn't charge me retail prices. Obviously when I need to do another repair, The Florida Nerds will be my first choice. Good fast local! Happy with service. They were friendly and easy to find. Would recommend that they knew what they were doing.
Bo Ross
Bo Ross
22:51 27 Dec 20
Time after time these "nerds" come through. I have tried others over the years but has not found anyone as competent or knowledgeable than "nerd" Tony C. He gets to the root of the problem and gets you back in business in record time. You rock Tony!
18:57 01 Mar 22
I have absolute total confidence in The Florida Nerds ability to resolve my electronic requirements in an expert, expeditious and friendly manner.
David Schoenfield
David Schoenfield
01:01 04 Mar 22
Being 1400 miles away from an elderly family member that needs computer support can be so hard but Tony made it easy, comfortable and efficient. I would not only recommend them but if I need support again, they will be my first call.
Amy Peterson-Roper
Amy Peterson-Roper
13:17 04 Jun 21
My first-time experience with FL Nerds was phenomenal! Tony was professional, knowledgeable, and reassuring. My CPU appeared to have a power fail so they picked up the unit (on a Sunday I might add) within 90 minutes and ran their diagnostics. After realizing it was an error due to a recent windows update and USB peripherals were preventing the unit from rebooting, they kindly dropped the unit back to my residence at no charge since no work was necessary short of a reboot without any peripherals attached. They were very kind and and responsive and made sure I was satisfied. I highly recommend their service to anyone in need of low to high-tech CPU repair. Thanks FL Nerds!!!
Loan Lynx
Loan Lynx
23:19 13 Dec 20

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