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The NY/FL Nerds are your on-call IT Services and IT Support specialist in New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut. We’re available 24/7/365, and we can help you with almost any Apple device. We have teams of technicians that eat, sleep, and breathe iOS, iPad OS, and macOS. Our technicians are Apple Certified and The NY/FL Nerds has access to the same tools, resources, and hardware as the Apple Store.

While Apple doesn’t have the same user base as Microsoft Windows, the NY/FL Nerds isn’t lacking technicians. From software and network connectivity issues to broken screens and devices that won’t charge, the NY/FL Nerds will get your Apple device up and running pronto so that you don’t lose valuable time doing what you do best.

Are you using an industry-specific program such as AutoCad or utilizing your Mac as a video rendering device? We can help in both cases. Our Apple-certified NY/FL Nerds are able to assist you and we have the experience as well. All of our NY/FL Nerds are certified, all the way down to the office manager.

What can the NY/FL Nerds handle? Here’s just a taste:

  • Forgotten Passwords
  • System Setups
  • Troubleshooting iOS, iPadOS, and macOS
  • Software (Apple and/or other publishers)
  • Upgrades (Macs, MacBooks, and non-cylandrical MacPro desktop)
  • MDM and MDM Security
  • Device lockdowns
  • Mac Server

Apple Support New York

The most costly Apple device may have issues – which is why you contact the NY/FL Nerds

The NY/FL Nerds have experience working with Apple technology and the vast Apple product library. We’re Apple Certified technicians who have over 200 years of combined experience working with Apple devices and have the expertise to solve issues fast. Software problems? We’ve got those covered too.

Improved Operational Efficiency

While macOS does a fantastic job of managing itself without end user involvement, the NY/FL Nerds can setup your Mac for an optimal work experience. We remove all of the unnecessary software, clean up the machine as if it was new, and we also do a thorough virus/malware scan and removal (if necessary).

Hassle-Free Tech Management

Bid farewell to the hassles of tech direction and pass the operational duty to us. Now you’re free to scale quickly on all fronts, focusing on what you do best as we do what we do best. We’ve got your back, ensure consistent operation, and with constantly upgraded hardware and software assure ongoing innovation and capability.

Hardware & Software Consulting

Does your Apple device need memory or hard drive upgrade/replacement? We can definitely help you with that. A lot of the newer Apple devices are not upgradable. For the devices that are, we can help you and get you up and running again and fast. We stock the most commonly used Apple Parts. Need a software upgrade? We can do that too.

System Integration and Deployment

Need to roll out a group of workstations? We can do that and save you money.We at the NY/FL Nerds has been conducting massive Apple workstation deployments over the last 15 years. If you own five or 500 workstations we can have them set up and deployed, as well as locked down for you.

Managed Apple Destkop Solutions

Do you have 1 or more desktops/workstations in your office and you want the NY/FL Nerds to monitor and manage them for you? We can help with that too! For more than 2 decades we’ve been the leader in managed IT services in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas. As a leader in Managed Services, the NY/FL Nerds can manage and maintain your Apple devices so that you don’t have to.

Apple Device Security and Forensics

In the past, Apple users (for the majority of the time) were not required to face Viruses as well as Malware. Since the OS playing field is becoming even, moreMalware and viruses are appearing on Apple devices. These New York Nerds are going to secure your devices to ensure your data is secure and there aren’t any third organizations that might be able to access your voice, data, and text messages. Need cyber forensics? We’ve got Nerds to help with that, too. Contact us now so we can assist you to ensure that you and your device(s) secured.

We offer service for all kinds of Apple devices.

Tablets, phones Computers, and Phones. They also have computers, tablets, and phones. NY/FL Nerds has dedicated Apple Technicians who specialize in:

  • 24/7/365 On-Site Service
  • New Device Setups
  • Information Migration Services
  • iOS, iPadOS, and macOS security and OS Hardening
  • Hardware and Software Consulting
  • Hardware and Software Troubleshooting
  • Hardware and Software Upgrades
  • General Day-to-Day Apple Support
  • iCloud Integration/Separation/Migration Services.
  • Apple Cyber Forensics Services
  • Managed Apple Desktop Services
  • Apple Server Setups, Troubleshooting, and Management.
  • Apple Desktop Training
  • External Hardware Consolidation and Management
  • Expert Mac Tune-Up Services
  • Virus/Spyware/Malware/Rootkit Detection and Removal Services
  • Much More – Call or text us at: 516.606.3774

The NY/FL Nerds are the difference between being up and running quickly or not. We offer services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure a great experience at all times. Our IT professionals are certified to ensure customers’ needs are solved quickly and cost-effectively. With complete attention to Managed IT Services, we are committed to providing continuous service to the network and system uptime and assistance to every customer that will enable them to focus on their business’s goals. This extends to Apple Support as well.

Professional business team

As the most renowned Managed Service provider in Manhattan We assist companies that range from small-scale businesses to mom-and-pop to ensure that they are protected from day-to-day IT maintenance and improve the overall performance of IT by monitoring their networks day and night.

Outsource the IT maintenance of your infrastructure to the NY/FL Nerds as well as reduce the cost of capital and operation.

We repair all kinds of Apple devices. Tablets, Phones, and Computers. They also have computers, tablets, and phones. NY/FL Nerds has dedicated Apple Technicians who are experts in the following areas:

See Our Google Reviews

This is a great company. Their customer service is exemplary. Knowledgeable and caring. Tony showed up on time and carefully explained what he would do and did it. And he is a great guy. I will definitely use them again in the future, and would highly recommend them.
Anthony Gallo
Anthony Gallo
17:16 20 Apr 19
Worked with them a couple of months back and have the best techs and hardware that will make any task a simple one.Totally recommended. Tony is a great contact on the company.!
Juan Fuentes
Juan Fuentes
22:00 08 Jan 21
We needed to mount and set up 2 large screen TVs and Jose at New York Nerds was just the man for the job. He's courteous, prompt, organized, and got the job done the very first time. I highly recommend his services. Great job Jose and thank you!!
Vivian B. Lewis
Vivian B. Lewis
13:16 24 Aug 18
The New York nerds have really helped me at a difficult time in my life. While I can do basic to intermediate tech work on my devices, Tony and the nerds have the experience and patience to sort out and troubleshoot network infiltrations, root kit removal and other more advanced IT operations, offering his precious time over the phone and via remote session. He has also been of great help in advising me against use of less than reliable tech solutions.Thus far, Tony was able to establish the need for a new network set up over secure routers and help me through the process. He’s especially generous with providing IT advice over the phone and his experience shows.In a tech market that is saturated with enterprise level cyber security and residential level computer repair, Tony’s services represent a gap in New York’s IT coverage for computer savvy but non-professional users who need help with increasingly common complex attacks at the residential and individual level. Give him a call he’d love to chat with you about your IT problems.
Jimmy Post
Jimmy Post
21:56 18 Mar 20
Tonny and Jose were timely and very professional. There work is excellent. They came in and mounted our TV above our fireplace. They were very careful to protect the walls, floor and fireplace. They patched the wall and cleaned up with precision. It was greatly appreciated. I would call them again for other projects.
Irma Salcedo
Irma Salcedo
15:47 27 Nov 18
I did my first job with FL/NY Nerds and I can say that I'm absolutely impressed with how smooth they operate. They're very effective with communication and support is readily available. I had no problems and any questions I had were attended to in a timely manner.I definitely recommend working with them.
01:13 23 Jun 21

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    Apple Support New York Information by the NY/FL Nerds

    Apple is known for having exceptional customer support  but they’re not the only ones who can work on Apple Devices. Apple direct has a long history of offering great service. The key to providing superior service is to be as honest as possible and follow certain guidelines. Apple’s customer service representatives have an excellent understanding of the product and its features. They can help you in choosing the right product or answering questions regarding its warranty.

    Do’s and Don’ts

    Apple’s recruitment process is one of the most rigorous in the industry. Apple doesn’t settle for just academic credentials and a great work ethic. Instead, they look for individuals who can create a personalized customer experience. They also don’t forget that customer service isn’t just about ensuring that you sell your product, but it’s also about building a rapport with your customers.

    Extended warranties

    Apple’s extended warranty program continues to grow, even as the company’s product warranty costs continue to fall. In the fiscal year that just ended, Apple received an estimated $8.5 billion in revenue from extended warranties. Meanwhile, the company’s costs for product warranties fell to a nine-year low, as did the number of warranty claims.

    iMessage business chat

    With iOS 11, Apple Business Chat is coming to iOS devices. This feature enables companies to interact with customers in the context of their iMessage conversations. Like Facebook Messenger, this chat is set up to allow customers to start conversations and reply to messages. This feature is also designed so that customers do not have to worry about being exposed to personal information. Moreover, it also includes features such as Apple Pay and Apple Calendar integration.

    NY/FL Nerds Comparison

    While The NY/FL Nerds has long been aimed at individual consumers with tech problems, it has recently expanded its services to small and medium-sized businesses as well. They do one thing that Apple support does not do: make house calls OR provide on-site business service in an hour. The NY/FL Nerds also have an all-certified team. That means that the technician from the NY/FL Nerds that comes to your door has just as much (if not much, much more) experience and credentials as the person on the other side of the phone.  For Apple Support New York, you call the NY/FL Nerds

    Contacting Apple customer support

    Contacting Apple customer support is important if you’ve experienced a problem with your product. The company offers a variety of different services, including extended warranties and coverage plans. AppleCare+, for instance, provides two years of hardware coverage and technical support. It also covers accidental damage. Apple also makes it easy to contact customer service representatives. Their website offers a dedicated customer service page, and representatives are available to assist you during normal business hours.

    You have a lot of choices when you need Apple Support New York. Call the local, certified professionals to service you Apple devices on-site.