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The heart of cyber forensics is ESI

Electronically Stored Information. When you need ESI discovery, we help you understand your sources of ESI so you can prepare for litigation. Ask us about our proven track record of delivering quality results nationwide that are legally valid and that help your case — a great source of confidence as you respond to discovery requests.

We Store Your Forensic Data

Forensic investigations involve a lot of data and require a very high throughput. At The NY/FL Nerds, we have an advanced storage system that can store 2 petabytes (that’s 2,000,000,000,000,000 bytes). That’s a whole lot of data.

We Help With Family Law Cases

Dissolution of marriage. Divorce. Probate. Family business separations. Asset searches. All these family law matters can hinge on computer forensic evidence. At The NY/FL Nerds, we not only help you obtain the evidence you need — we also serve as expert witnesses when you go before a judge. And yes, if you’re facing child pornography or child exploitation cases, we’ll provide forensic investigation as well.

We Track Down Trade Secret Theft

If someone in your organization steals your trade secrets, it can destroy your entire business. We don’t want to see that happen. The NY/FL Nerds can step in to copy the suspect’s machine at work, providing evidence for prosecution or civil action — and we can help you get the evidence you need to compel a search of the suspect’s computer/devices as well.

We Help Protect Your Online Reputation

Fraudsters out there are just waiting to impersonate you — on the internet, on social media, everyone where you go online. Or they want to exploit your company’s good name and reputation to scam innocent people for their own financial gain. Whether you’re a public company, an elected official, a public figure, or just a regular person who’s stumbled into an identity theft scam, our internet investigation services can help rescue you from online threats.

We Conduct Internal Investigations

Do you suspect an employee or former staffer of fraud or embezzlement? Are you concerned about a sudden drop in productivity on the part of one of your staff? Do you find yourself wondering what that one worker was really doing with their computer? Wonder no more. Call us. We’ll conduct the internal investigation you need to get the answers you want to know about.

We’ll Be Your Expert Witness

When you ask, “Can I get a witness?”, the answer is always “Yes” at The NY/FL Nerds. We have a long track record of success in court, and we’ll match the best expert witnesses with your specific needs. If you’re in a court case and are looking for an expert witness regarding computer forensics, call or text us today at 516.606.3774 We’ll set up a complimentary consultation to discuss your electronically stored information and explain how we can help.

Introducing the NY/FL Nerd Cyber Forensics Team

When you need cyber forensics, you need a computer forensic specialist that you can count on from every angle. That’s what you get when you come to us. The NY/FL Nerds cyber forensic team is the best at what they do. We use state-of-the-art investigation tech and techniques to gather evidence, preserve it, and prepare it for presentation in court.


We work with any device — computer, memory card, hard drive, cellphone, you name it — to create a chain of evidence that holds up in front of a judge.  When you need cyber forensics, you need a team you can count on from every angle. That’s what you get when you come to us. The NY/FL Nerds cyber forensic team is the best at what they do. We use state-of-the-art investigation tech and techniques to gather evidence, preserve it, and prepare it for presentation in court. We work with any device — computer, memory card, hard drive, cellphone, you name it — to create a chain of evidence that holds up in front of a judge. Unlike some other cyber forensics firms, we don’t subcontract our work to other people. We keep your case, your data, all your details safe and secure as we determine precisely what occurred and who was responsible, all as part of a well-structured investigation.


Expert Witness Testimony on Computer Forensics

What did someone do on a digital device? What is the history of the electronically stored information on a hard drive? When you have a legal case that hinges on accurate answers to these types of questions, you need a reliable, experienced computer cyber forensics expert witness. You need to call us at New York Nerds. Courts and judges can be ultra-picky when it comes to admitting and accepting electronic information.

Choosing the right computer forensics expert witness can make all the difference. Our expert witnesses have been proven time and time again in court, and they undergo extensive peer evaluation and testing before they head to court on your behalf. You need the very best expert witness, one with a track record of success. Call or text us at 516.606.3774 to arrange for a free consultation — and yes, we’ll come to you. We have 2 petabytes of storage availability for your forensic data, and we make ourselves available to you 24/7/365. What are you waiting for?

Computer Cyber Forensic Analysis

Our ability to dig deep into your computers and other devices to find and analyze the evidence that other teams can’t is what sets New York Nerds apart from other forensics providers. We use industry-standard Swap META file

  1. examination
  2. Website visitation logs
  3. Internet cache examination
  4. Internet cache examination

Forensic Investigations

We gather digital information to help you protect your system and prepare for legal cases. Got a hacker? Worried about unauthorized users breaking into your system? Do you suspect industrial espionage? We’ll dig through your computer systems and data to find the truth.We’ll do penetration testing, we’ll run annual security audits, and we’ll deal with all your software licensing compliance issues. Hire a computer forensic specialist to dig through your computer systems and data to find the truth.

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    More about the NY/FL Nerds Cyber Forensics in NYC

    At the heart of cyber forensics is ESI or Electronically Stored Information.

    ESI Discovery is the process of identifying and collecting potentially relevant data from a variety of sources. This type of discovery can be used in litigation, government investigations, and Freedom of Information Act requests. Unlike other forms of discovery, ESI discovery doesn’t follow a linear process.

    It involves identifying potential sources of ESI

    As the name implies, ESI discovery involves identifying sources of potentially discoverable information. This is usually accomplished by conducting a search for relevant electronic data. Once ESI has been identified, the next step is to preserve it.

    Often, an effective legal hold will require an organization to place certain measures in place to ensure that ESI is protected. Putting these measures in place will protect relevant data and prevent the loss or tampering with it.

    ESI may come in various forms, including emails, documents, CAD/CAM files, databases, image files, and even social media posts. Many of these electronic files have metadata associated with them. This metadata relates to the specific contents of the file and the person who created it. Moreover, the metadata can help identify the authenticity of the information.

    It involves collecting potentially relevant data

    ESI Discovery is the process of gathering potentially relevant data in a legal case. It is a complex process that involves multiple departments and involves IT, information security, business, and legal stakeholders. The key to successful eDiscovery is to be proactive and identify and collect data as early as possible.

    ESI can include email, documents, databases, and CAD/CAM files. It can also include image files and metadata. For example, images and documents may include metadata about their location, camera model, and the time they were created.

    Documents can also contain metadata that describes what they are about, including the author’s name and the date they were edited. When all this data is combined, it can create large amounts of potentially relevant data.

    It doesn’t follow a linear pattern

    When starting ESI discovery, it is important to understand that the process is not straightforward. There are many different stages and approaches, but early stages should always focus on understanding the data. The process may also require revisiting earlier phases. If done correctly, an early case assessment can serve as a solid jumping-off point for a 26(f) conference.

    ESI Discovery is a collaborative process that rarely follows a linear path. During the validation and ideation phases, for example, you may need to involve multiple computer forensic investigators. Not all cyber forensics analysts are for example, operating system forensic proficient, while others are mobile device cyber forensic examiners.

    There may be instances where computer forensic examinations contain volatile data. The forensic analyst assigned to your case is forensic experts who know digital evidence and how important analyzing data is. There are times when a cyber forensic examiner must utilize the services of a certified ethical hacker. This is used in instances where a password must be broken or encrypted information must be decrypted.

    It requires new technical skills

    The legal technology industry is similar to the early automotive industry, where Henry Ford pioneered the moving assembly line. The most effective way to streamline processes is through repeatable, standardized workflows. The same principle applies to eDiscovery. To streamline eDiscovery, your process should be based on well-defined protocols and workflows.

    The process of ESI discovery involves identifying, collecting, and producing electronically stored information (ESI). ESI includes email, documents, presentations, databases, voicemail, audio and video files, social media, and websites. Today, an average person produces thousands of digital records every day.

    It is a civil procedure

    ESI Discovery is a civil procedure that involves the collection and analysis of electronic evidence. This evidence can include documents, e-mails, CAD/CAM files, databases, and websites. The process also involves forensic investigations of metadata. This metadata can reveal much more than the contents of paper documents.

    ESI Discovery is a pre-trial process used in civil litigation. During this phase, a party to a lawsuit can request evidence from the other party or compel the production of evidence. ESI may include emails, text messages, spreadsheets, accounting databases, smartphone applications, data recovery, and more. Occasionally cases are referred to law enforcement.