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Service by Service Comparison

Geek Squad Comparison: Price and Services

You’ve heard about The Geek Squad. They’re the people within Best Buy who handle computer repairs, upgrades, and setup. Perhaps you’ve utilized them to transfer data to a brand-new computer or to fix your laptop after there was a problem. Perhaps you enjoyed your experience with them. What if you paid more than what you were entitled to for the service that you received? What if you were able to get superior service for less rates for similar repairs and upgrades? Not just superior service, but also faster turnaround times, allowing you to be back at work as soon as possible instead of living in limbo when you don’t have a smartphone or computer? That’s where the New York Nerds are into. Whatever way you think about it they are The NY/FL Nerds beating the Geek Squad in a head-to-head comparison. Have a look.


How Are the New York Nerds Better Than the Geek Squad?

Sure it’s true that the Geek Squad gets more publicity. Why would you consider an unnamed group of never-ending “geeks” instead of collaborating with an IT firm that understands the issues you face with your computer and your name and delivers outstanding service each time? Check out some of the biggest distinctions between the NY/FL Nerds and the Geek Squad.

Service by Service Comparison


IT Setup

The Geek Squad handles quite a lot when it comes to IT configuration. They’ll help you set up your new desktop or laptop as well as manage data transfer, set up new software, and even set up your printer. But wait a minute — for the majority of cases, the Geek Squad will only be able to do this only if you take an item to the store. In some cases they’ll guide you through the process over the phone, guiding you through the process of installing software such as. However, if you require a new device to be set up or add more memory to your laptop, or in the case of just wanting extra protection on tablets, then you’re likely to be required to take everything you own (yes even your brand-new desktop computer) to Best Buy.


It’s the NY/FL Nerds that can handle everything the Geek Squad can (and more) for example:

  • Installing your laptop or desktop
  • Transferring your applications
  • Transferring all data
  • Installing software
  • Configuring your Wifi for maximum coverage
  • Configuring your printer
  • Set up mobile devices for all users
  • Set up your workplace how you’d like it
  • You will be trained on the new device’s features

The greatest aspect?
We will visit you in your office or at home on your schedule!

Business IT

Sure Best Buy’s Geek Squad will provide your company with IT support which includes installation repairs, diagnostics as well as virus removal VPN installation assistance, and server management — however, you’ll need to pay for the service. Also, like their consumer services, you should be prepared to spend a significant amount of time on the phone as it’s likely that the Geek Squad isn’t coming out for you to resolve issues unless they are required to (and except if you’re paying a premium for their premium support for office users).


At the NY/FL Nerds, we have extensive experience in dealing with the requirements of companies in the IT field and will visit you to ensure your needs are satisfied. We can work with all operating systems – Mac, PC, Linux, Unix.

We’ll install and setup the servers you require for your business in record time — less than an hour, in the majority of cases. We’ll also configure your network appliances and workstations, too. Contact us about web hosting, particularly in the event that you use applications that are hosted in a single-tenant system. We’ll be able to meet your requirements for security and performance and save you money.

We’ll also assist you in analyzing the areas you’ll need to expand. Are you looking to grow your operations? Have you got the appropriate software to get you to where you’d like to be? We can help you assess what you are currently using in IT and determine the best and current solutions to propel your business forward

Handshake over NY/FL Nerd Contracts


The Geek Squad handles your connectivity problems, setting your router up, checking your bandwidth and connecting all your wireless devices although it can handle the majority aspects of those tasks from a remote location, and without visiting your workplace or at home.

The NY/FL Nerds matches all these services. We connect you to the internet and make sure that you’re getting the full bandwidth and speed of the internet provider you’ve paid for. Our connectivity services remain alert for security threats to ensure that you’re not vulnerable.


Are you worried about malware, viruses, and hackers? You should not call your local Geek Squad — because If you don’t sign up for costly support for business or tech packages, they will not assist you with cybersecurity concerns even. Even with those packages that they offer, they’ll only create the VPN and manage certain malware and virus removal. In contrast, the New York Nerds are cybersecurity experts who are ready to detect any vulnerabilities you might have and offer the security that you need.


We are particularly attentive to your devices and we offer the protection that you require to be able to safely work on your servers as well as on cloud servers. We also protect your clients’ and customers’ information, too. If your company is targeted by spyware or other malicious actors, we’ll find it, take it down and prevent it from recurring.

We are available anytime to be aware of the moment a hacker is trying to break into your network. We also offer security audits to ensure that all the IT components of your network is as secure as is possible. Also, ask us about security at the physical entry points of your establishment and whether you require biometric or smart card identification We can assist you to keep your information secure.


Network Administration

Yes, Geek Squad will provide server tuning, diagnostics, and repairs for businesses but for a cost that is high. (We’ll discuss pricing later however, here’s a little teaser that you’ll have to be charged $49.99 per month, per user to use this service by Geek Squad.)

It’s true that the NY/FL Nerds don’t care how big (or small) your business is. We’re aware that if your network isn’t running smoothly your employees aren’t as productive as they would like to be and your customers are likely to be disappointed. We’re prepared to keep any kind of network — LAN, WAN, SAN, VPN, SVPN, WLAN, POLAN — operating at its peak efficiency.

Repairs and Upgrades

The Geek Squad is known for performing well when it comes to repairs and upgrade. Of course, it’s best to prepare to bring your laptop to the shop to get it serviced. Although you may be paying an expensive plan of advanced support for your business The Geeks will only be there for you when absolutely necessary. However, if it’s an unreadable screen on your phone or a corrupted application for your PC, the NY/FL Nerds are there to assist you.


We repair your devices including phones, tablets desktops, laptops and laptops We’ll also identify the problems you’re facing on your internet. We can fix or replace a damaged hard drive. We’ll identify and resolve any issues that you’re experiencing with your internet connection. We also can add new graphics cards as well as network cards -or even a new operating system that will help you can keep your workflow running to its maximum efficiency. All of this assistance is available on our website or through yours whichever you prefer.

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Does your company have to deal with government or other regulations, for example, HIPPA, SOX, or PCI/DSS? If yes, don’t contact your local Geek Squad — because they don’t provide this kind of service. However, you can call the NY/FL Nerds because we offer it. We’ll ensure that you’re in compliance at all times by providing the corrective strategies that will keep you up-to-date.

Cyber Forensics

Perhaps you’re going through a divorce or a separation in your business. Your employees may have hacked information about trade or sensitive information, but you’re not sure the incident. You might suspect that an employee is embezzling or perhaps you’re facing a fraud or identity theft fraud. There’s a chance that you’ll require an expert witness with you in the court. You may be facing divorce or family separation in your business. Your employees may have gotten access to information about trade or private data, but you’re still not sure of the facts. Maybe you suspect that an employee is embezzling or perhaps you’re dealing with a fraudulent or identity theft fraud. There’s a chance that you’ll require an expert witness at your side in the courtroom.


If any of the above is true, you shouldn’t call the Geek Squad. They can’t offer any assistance to you. When you require cyberforensics you’ll want to partner with people that you can trust. We at the NY/FL Nerds will conduct the investigation you require and will provide the evidence chain the judge needs. We ensure that all evidence and data are completely safe while preparing everything for the courtroom. We are here to meet all your cyber forensics requirements.


This is why the NY/FL Nerds provide services you would never get through Geek Squad. Geek Squad. But (we think to ourselves) how much does this incredible service cost? We’re willing to provide you with the full cost of any service you’re looking for (and what we provide is the cost you have to pay).

Let’s look at some of the basics. It’s evident that you can see that the NY/FL Nerds provide services you cannot imagine getting through other organizations like the Geek Squad.

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But (we think to ourselves) what will this service really cost? We’re more than happy to provide the full cost of any service you’re looking for (and our price provide is the cost you have to pay). Let’s look at the basic requirements. Do you require online diagnostics or repair? It’s the Geek Squad that is going to cost you $179.99 for this. (And since they claim they can solve issues within 45 minutes, this implies they’re charging an amount for $299.99 per hour for their services.)

We’re able to beat that hugely. When you contact our NY/FL Nerds for online/remote support. We’ll charge you around $100 per hour. We’ll let you handle the calculation. What about the elimination of spyware, viruses, and other forms of malware? It’s going to cost you the same costs from the Geek Squad: $179.99 per call. The NY/FL Nerds come in at the scrumptious $120/hour. It includes all the needed software to keep your computer running and protect you.

We’ll even visit your office or home to help you with any fixes or configurations you require at around $120/hour. It’s true: We charge less for a home visit than what you’d pay to a support person who is anonymous by telephone from Best Buy.

It’s more than just cost

A simple contact at The Geek Squad is going to cost you $39.99. (Really? )And you might be a bit shocked as you look at what Geek Squad charges for business IT support. The standard business support plan is $24.99 per month for each user. (Just consider: how many computers can you count in the workplace? This will add up quickly.) If you require server management, that monthly cost in the amount of $49.99 per user is likely to be a click. Imagine how those costs will eat away at your IT budget once you’re ready for a new upgrade or equipment.

Of course, there are the services the NY/FL Nerds make available to customers that the Geek Squad doesn’t offer. Like cyber forensics, which we hope that you don’t require (but should you need it to contact us for assistance is the best option). Our specialized security services (also not offered by Best Buy). All for just $220/hour, which can be used at your home or via remote. Read More

How Do the NY/FL Nerds Services Compare to the Geek Squad’s?

We’re adamant about a straightforward, simple approach to working with The New York Nerds. Take a look at this chart for help in deciding which place to seek IT services.

What do our New York client think about the NY/FL Nerds?

Tony was terrific.nailed the problem immediately. I would love to work with him againHe was the best.
Peter Block
Peter Block
17:45 16 Sep 23
I struggled with bugs and glitches degrading my Unify Network. I worked on it myself for a month and then, thankfully, called NY/FL Nerds. Tony was thorough, quick and diagnosed the problem immediately. I bought the equipment I needed and within an hour or so of Tony configuring my system, I was up and running. Lightning Fast and solid as a rock! Highly recommended!!!!!
Michael Dupler
Michael Dupler
18:36 24 Mar 23
This is a great company. Their customer service is exemplary. Knowledgeable and caring. Tony showed up on time and carefully explained what he would do and did it. And he is a great guy. I will definitely use them again in the future, and would highly recommend them.
Anthony Gallo
Anthony Gallo
17:16 20 Apr 19
Worked with them a couple of months back and have the best techs and hardware that will make any task a simple one.Totally recommended. Tony is a great contact on the company.!
Juan Fuentes
Juan Fuentes
22:00 08 Jan 21
We needed to mount and set up 2 large screen TVs and Jose at New York Nerds was just the man for the job. He's courteous, prompt, organized, and got the job done the very first time. I highly recommend his services. Great job Jose and thank you!!
Vivian B. Lewis
Vivian B. Lewis
13:16 24 Aug 18
The New York nerds have really helped me at a difficult time in my life. While I can do basic to intermediate tech work on my devices, Tony and the nerds have the experience and patience to sort out and troubleshoot network infiltrations, root kit removal and other more advanced IT operations, offering his precious time over the phone and via remote session. He has also been of great help in advising me against use of less than reliable tech solutions.Thus far, Tony was able to establish the need for a new network set up over secure routers and help me through the process. He’s especially generous with providing IT advice over the phone and his experience shows.In a tech market that is saturated with enterprise level cyber security and residential level computer repair, Tony’s services represent a gap in New York’s IT coverage for computer savvy but non-professional users who need help with increasingly common complex attacks at the residential and individual level. Give him a call he’d love to chat with you about your IT problems.
Jimmy Post
Jimmy Post
21:56 18 Mar 20
Tonny and Jose were timely and very professional. There work is excellent. They came in and mounted our TV above our fireplace. They were very careful to protect the walls, floor and fireplace. They patched the wall and cleaned up with precision. It was greatly appreciated. I would call them again for other projects.
Irma Salcedo
Irma Salcedo
15:47 27 Nov 18
I did my first job with FL/NY Nerds and I can say that I'm absolutely impressed with how smooth they operate. They're very effective with communication and support is readily available. I had no problems and any questions I had were attended to in a timely manner.I definitely recommend working with them.
01:13 23 Jun 21

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