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Data Security Services your NYC Business Needs

We’re the NY/FL Nerds & we’ve got your back!

End To End Protection of Your Data And Your Infrastructure 24x7x365 Monitoring With Proactive Response Teams.

Data security solutions and protection

24x7x365 Data Security Services

Audits, Intrusion Detection & Prevention, System Lockdowns, and More.

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We don’t like to sound paranoid by saying that threats are everywhere, but let’s face it – threats are everywhere. That’s why we are proactive in every way about protecting your network, your tech, and your data. How do we protect you? We monitor your network security. The NY/FL Nerd runs Data Security Services IT security audits and Data Security Services assessments because if you don’t know where you’re vulnerable, you’re more vulnerable than ever. We mitigate those vulnerabilities so your network and data aren’t compromised. Our network security specialists go after threats in every millimeter of your tech environments, including your LAN/WAN environments, your applications, your operating systems, and, of course, your servers, workstations, and firewalls.

The Only Secure Computer Is The Unplugged Computer.

That’s our security philosophy at the NY/FL Nerds.

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Of course, your computer isn’t of much use to you if it’s unplugged and unopened. That’s why you need our data security solutions. Take a look at some of what we can do to protect you and some of our Data Security Services

Intrusion Detection

We pay attention to all attempts to connect to your network — especially the malicious ones. As internet attacks increase, with bad guys trying to get to your data, our defenses and intrusion detection increases.

Access Controls

Do you need to protect your physical entrances? Talk to us about smart cards and biometric identification — the highest level of identity verification there is. At the NY/FL Nerds, we’ve got a wealth of tech options to protect your data and your facilities.

Security Audits

Want to make sure your network is safe and in good shape? It’s time for a network security audit. The NY/FL Nerds will work our way through every aspect of your IT and human staff to make sure it conforms to your standards and ensures that everything, including employees, are secure. Call or Text – 516.606.3774  We’re open 24x7x365

Virus and Malware Management

Don’t rely on antivirus software on a computer-by-computer basis. We’ll centralize all your antivirus and anti-malware protection into one location, then keep an eye on it all to keep your network safe. We do this 24x7x365.

Complete Security Monitoring

24/7/365. That’s not just our availability. That’s our promise to you when it comes to managing your network’s security. Relax with the peace of mind that comes from knowing the NY/FL Nerds are on duty, protecting your network, your infrastructure, your servers, and your systems.

Got Questions?

We hope you do. Data Security Services is a process, and it requires a bit more understanding and explanation than fixing your printer.  Whether it’s about your security or some other aspect of your IT, we’ll get back to you faster than you’d think possible, and with an explanation that you can understand.  In 2022,  we were rated as having a faster response and resolution time than 99.99% of our global competitors, with an average response time of fewer than 3 minutes. (Wow!) Oh — and when you get that reply, it’s from a real person. No bots here! Call or Text – 516.606.3774  We’re open 24x7x365

Regulatory and Compliance Challenges

Your regulatory and compliance requirements are in constant flux. Keeping up with them is a hassle — Until you come to us. The NY/FL Nerds compliance experts can help you navigate the requirements, assess your risk levels, and implement remediation strategies to help you meet your compliance challenges.

What government compliance do you have to deal with to keep sensitive data protected? HIPAA? PCI/DSS? SOX? Whatever it is, we know it inside and out. And we keep it all efficient and affordable.

Yes, we’re a managed security service provider at NY/FL Nerds. And as such, we monitor and manage your security devices and systems. Take a look at a portion of what we handle. Managed firewalls Intrusion detection VPN (virtual private network), setup and management, Vulnerability scanning Antiviral services, Proven ability to stop ransomware attacks

Forensic Investigations

When your IT problems move into the legal realm, the NY/FL Nerds forensics investigators are here to help you make your case. We can gather digital information of any kind. We’ll determine how that unauthorized user breached your system. We’ll investigate your system and prepare data for presentation in a legal case. And yes, we have a whole department devoted to industrial and corporate espionage. When things are getting a little too serious for comfort, Call or Text – 516.606.3774  We’re open 24x7x365. Let us help.

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