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We work with each cloud hosting customer we serve to design the best cloud migration strategy which is specifically designed to meet your business’s specific business needs.

If you’re interested in the implementation of cloud point solutions as well as hybrid cloud solutions, or complete IaaS & SaaS solutions, NY/FL Nerds Cloud Hosting Services Group can help. The NY/FL Nerds Cloud Services Group has the expertise, resources, and platform experience for cloud-based service providers that you need to meet the goals of your company.


When you sign up with NY/FL Nerds Cloud Hosting Services you will gain access to a wide range of skilled staff consisting of IT professionals and customer support experts committed to your achievement. We’ve been in the Cloud Hosting business since it was called Terminal Services or Remote Desktop. That’s about 20 years. We’ll be the one contact point you be able to contact for all IT management for your business and support requirements, regardless of whether you are on-site or cloud. Additionally, you will receive the full range of monitor and maintenance tools to make sure that the cloud stays optimized for maximum performance and is fully secure 24/7/365.

Cloud Services Can Be Daunting

The NY/FL Nerds Makes it Simple


With so many types of Cloud Services out there, you can really over-inform yourself. The NY/FL Nerds have years of experience finding the right solution for businesses like yours. The NY/FL Nerds have network systems, tech support, and backup and disaster recovery plans in place so that we can cover you and your business from end-to-end. .  Read more about what we can offer you and your business.

Migration to the Cloud & Support

We’ll handle the full migration process & provide a dedicated cloud computing expert at the New York Nerds to manage your entire conversion.

Reduce Your IT Capital Spending

Immediately reduce Capital Expenses in the IT Department and maintenance costs. You can pay for the resources and services that you use, not a littany of others that you don’t and won’t.

Purpose Built for Small Business

We leverage best-of-breed cloud technologies scaled to meet the needs and budgets of small business.

Budgeting Made Easy

Get Per User or all-inclusive pricing that make your IT costs easy to manage as you grow.

IT Compliance – Simple

We make use of the most advanced cloud technologies designed to meet the demands and budgets of small businesses.

Cyber Security Covered

Cloud security that is multi-layered to protect your business from ever-changing cybersecurity security threats.

No Load Too Heavy to Reach the Cloud

The NY/FL Nerds can help you to cost-effectively move all internal applications

and other IT assets that your company depends on to the cloud. The NY/FL Nerds can achieve this by using our strategic partnerships with a variety of the top cloud service providers in order to make the most of the processing power, capacity, scalability, and unlimited cloud storage cloud platforms provide.

It includes

  • Data-intensive applications for CAD/CAM AI, Medical, Banking, Brokerage & Aerospace industries.
  • High-volume RDBMS workloads.
  • Desktop Virtualization on PCs and Macs (VDI)
  • Cloud backup and distribution as well as disaster recovery as well as business continuity services.
  • Cloud computing is secure and high-security designed for businesses that deal with classified or restricted information.

What do New Yorkers Think About the NY/FL Nerds?

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I struggled with bugs and glitches degrading my Unify Network. I worked on it myself for a month and then, thankfully, called NY/FL Nerds. Tony was thorough, quick and diagnosed the problem immediately. I bought the equipment I needed and within an hour or so of Tony configuring my system, I was up and running. Lightning Fast and solid as a rock! Highly recommended!!!!!
Michael Dupler
Michael Dupler
18:36 24 Mar 23
This is a great company. Their customer service is exemplary. Knowledgeable and caring. Tony showed up on time and carefully explained what he would do and did it. And he is a great guy. I will definitely use them again in the future, and would highly recommend them.
Anthony Gallo
Anthony Gallo
17:16 20 Apr 19
Worked with them a couple of months back and have the best techs and hardware that will make any task a simple one.Totally recommended. Tony is a great contact on the company.!
Juan Fuentes
Juan Fuentes
22:00 08 Jan 21
We needed to mount and set up 2 large screen TVs and Jose at New York Nerds was just the man for the job. He's courteous, prompt, organized, and got the job done the very first time. I highly recommend his services. Great job Jose and thank you!!
Vivian B. Lewis
Vivian B. Lewis
13:16 24 Aug 18
The New York nerds have really helped me at a difficult time in my life. While I can do basic to intermediate tech work on my devices, Tony and the nerds have the experience and patience to sort out and troubleshoot network infiltrations, root kit removal and other more advanced IT operations, offering his precious time over the phone and via remote session. He has also been of great help in advising me against use of less than reliable tech solutions.Thus far, Tony was able to establish the need for a new network set up over secure routers and help me through the process. He’s especially generous with providing IT advice over the phone and his experience shows.In a tech market that is saturated with enterprise level cyber security and residential level computer repair, Tony’s services represent a gap in New York’s IT coverage for computer savvy but non-professional users who need help with increasingly common complex attacks at the residential and individual level. Give him a call he’d love to chat with you about your IT problems.
Jimmy Post
Jimmy Post
21:56 18 Mar 20
Tonny and Jose were timely and very professional. There work is excellent. They came in and mounted our TV above our fireplace. They were very careful to protect the walls, floor and fireplace. They patched the wall and cleaned up with precision. It was greatly appreciated. I would call them again for other projects.
Irma Salcedo
Irma Salcedo
15:47 27 Nov 18
I did my first job with FL/NY Nerds and I can say that I'm absolutely impressed with how smooth they operate. They're very effective with communication and support is readily available. I had no problems and any questions I had were attended to in a timely manner.I definitely recommend working with them.
01:13 23 Jun 21

More On Cloud Computing In New York City

What is Cloud Hosting Migration? The process involves moving applications, data, or other business processes from an on-premises system to the cloud. The majority of companies believe that cloud migration is difficult and difficult, therefore aren’t keen on the process. The complexity of cloud migration is contingent on the number of resources that are supported by every project. When you consider the benefits of cloud computing the complexity and difficulties can be averted.

What are the benefits of Cloud Hosting Migration?

Why is it that we require cloud services instead of our existing environment? To address the question above, we’ve provided some of the advantages that businesses can reap by moving their resources to the cloud:

  • Cost: By moving to the cloud, you are able to cut operational costs while enhancing IT processes. Cloud providers employ the “Only pay for the services you utilize” method that allows companies to not require to maintain expensive data centers when their environment is hosted on the cloud.
  • Performance: Cloud providers run worldwide, with world-class network facilities, storage services, databases, servers, etc. In the on-premise environment, you must be aware of every aspect of performance. In Cloud computing, there are a lot of cloud service providers in relation to the optimization of performance. you don’t have to write a performance specification. All you need to do is to use them.

Scaleability & Monitoring

  • Scaleability: Cloud hosting migration will give your business the ability to scale up or down depending upon your system’s requirements. For instance, AWS offers an autoscaling option for the cloud servers of customers. If you decide to create auto-scaling for your server the management, costs, and optimization will be extremely complicated.
  • Monitoring Cloud service providers offer monitors like AWS CloudWatch, Site 24×7 and more. These services allow you to be alerted when a feature or server could be experiencing issues or has an interruption. The built-in monitoring tools will help you save time in comparison to the monitoring of the condition of your systems by yourself.

Backup and Recovery

  • Recovery, backup, and failover Cloud providers generally help to ensure business continuity by providing an integrated, one-click backup as well as recovery capabilities. Certain providers also provide the option of storing backups across different geographical regions.


  • Security Cloud services can offer greater security than data centers on-premises when you use security tools correctly. Cloud providers can provide many security features, such as monitoring, logging security, vulnerability management, threat intelligence, and more. In the realm of security, the shared responsibility model is essential. If cloud providers are responsible for “security of cloud” however, customers are accountable for “security within the cloud”. Everyone must take responsibility for their role. They also have a lot of certifications for compliance with rules and regulations. For instance, AWS has ISO27001, PCI-DSS, AICPA/SOC, and HIPAA. That means that if your business has particular security requirements or concerns then you can be assured the data you store is secure by the cloud. If you insist on storing your data on your premises the security features of your system are your obligation.

5 Common Cloud Hosting Migration Challenges

  • Cloud migrations may be a challenge and extremely risky. We’ve identified five major cloud migration issues that you must be thinking about prior to beginning the cloud migration process :
  • The human component: When cloud migration is successful, it’s typically the people who use cloud services that will face the biggest problem. DevOps Engineers, System administrators who are comfortable with on-premise environments are more likely to be resistant to the change. One of the biggest issues is finding and training individuals with the necessary skills to successfully manage a successful migration. In this moment education for teams and cloud technology awareness is crucial to make the transition to cloud computing.
  • Absence of a plan: Cloud migration plan is among the most crucial elements of cloud-based migration. Businesses must organize, prioritize, and consider all the steps necessary. If there’s no plan, cloud migration can be difficult.

Cost Management

  • Management of costs: The cost can prove to be both a benefit and a problem when it comes to cloud migration. Cloud providers are relatively the latest technology for many companies and can be costly, over-budget is among the most common situations. To stop this from happening cloud providers from causing problems, they provide budget management services, as well as alerting and notifications. Any company planning to move their cloud infrastructure should make use of them.
  • Picking the right cloud service: AWS, Azure, and Google offer many different applications and services. Each cloud service does not meet our needs for business. Additionally, we may choose solutions that add cost and security issues and have incorrect design concepts. To avoid these issues and concerns, we must talk to cloud-based service companies and let them evaluate our current systems.


  • Privacy and security of data: Every company has sensitive, personal information stored within its system. The companies want to protect their data from leaks and losses in the same manner as when they are on-premises migration to the cloud. Cloud providers follow a model of shared responsibility which means that they are responsible for the security of their infrastructure and the user is accountable to secure their data and work. Therefore, even though cloud providers may offer security services, it’s our responsibility to ensure that they are configured properly. Additionally, the process of migration poses security risks. Transferring large amounts of sensitive information and setting up access control for applications across multiple environments is difficult. Companies need to design the correct access control system to facilitate cloud migration.

Cloud Migration Process

We’ve put together a set of questions that could help in the process of moving to the cloud. These are just to be shared to help you get started. they can be extended according to the level of complexity in your infrastructure:


  • What is the software architecture for an the on-premise environment?
  • What are the monthly, weekly and daily costs?
  • How do you meet the security standards for your business?
  • What are the main advantages of migrating to the cloud?
  • What are the risks of migration?

Plan for Cloud Hosting

  • What are the migration plan steps?
  • Are there any useful cloud-based services that you can use for your business?
  • Is the cost estimated and the migration timetable?
  • Do you want to be able to simulate the migration? Which steps should you take?
  • Which are some of the difficult aspects of simulation of migration? What solutions do we have to address these?


  • Are you able to migrate your application’s code with ease?
  • Are you able to migrate your database without problems?
  • Do you have a CI/CD pipelines to help you with your cloud migration process?
  • Are you testing all functions and apps for your brand cloud-based environment?
  • Do your engineers have the ability to adapt to your cloud-based migration? What evidence do you have?


  • How can you ensure the security of your information within the cloud?
  • Are you analyzing the costs of cloud storage? What steps can you take for cost reduction?
  • What are the best ways to keep track, analyze and document your cloud-based environment?
  • How can you keep current with the latest versions of software?
  • How can you ensure reliability, availability and efficiency in the cloud?

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