Unifi Installations & Troubleshooting

Ubiquiti Networks is one of the leading providers of wired and wireless networking equipment. Ubiquiti Networks have a number of product lines like UniFi WiFi, UniFi Protect, UniFi Talk, UniFi Access, EdgeMax, AirMax, AirFiber, and UFiber. No matter the solution size – small, medium, large, or stadium (we’ve done a few of those), The NY Nerds and Ubiquiti Networks will get you up, running, and secure. Ubiquiti Networks offer leading networking solutions that will completely transform your network.

Our skilled NY/FL Nerds will design the deployment, install, and maintain the installation and support of your Ubiquiti Network solution. Whether it’s Unifi Wifi, Unifi Protect, Unifi Talk, EdgeMax, AirMax, or any other product Ubiquiti Networks / Unifi releases, the NY/FL Nerds has already had extensive training and is ready to deploy any new solution made available. Unifi and the NY/FL Nerds will make sure you reap the maximum benefit of the investment you make.

What Ubiquiti/UniFI Services do the NY/FL Nerds Offer?

We’re not just accredited Unifi Partners, we’re also solutions providers. By harnessing the products and software from Ubiquiti, the New York Nerds will take your network and business to an entirely different level of connectivity. Ubiquiti isn’t just WiFi anymore. Here’s a bit of what we can do with Ubiquiti and their line of products.

We Install, Maintain, Service, and Monitor the Following:

  • New System Design – 250sqft – 5,000,000 square foot warehouses and stadiums (We’ve done a few of each)
  • Long Distance Building-to-Building installations
  • Existing System Troubleshooting
  • Additions to Existing Systems
  • Optimization of Current UniFi, AirMax, EdgeMax, and Systems
  • Growth Planning
  • Security Camera Installations with UniFi Protect
  • Door Access Solutions with UniFi Access
  • Antenna Installations
  • UniFi Controller Cloud Hosting
  • Much More

The NY/FL Nerds + Ubiquiti Networks = A Winning Partnership

From Stadiums to Large Home Deployments, the NY/FL Nerds have what it takes


The NY/FL Nerds has been working with Ubiquiti Networks and their lines of products for the past 10 years. We’ve deployed systems in homes, businesses, places of worship, docks, and stadiums. We work on new systems design and installation or we can help you with an existing system already installed. Here’s a bit more about how the Nerds + Ubiquiti Networks can help you and your network

New System Design

Moving into a new space or need an upgrade for a super slow wifi connection? You came to the right place. The New York Nerds has been helping New Yorkers install Ubiquiti Networks products for over 10 years. We can help you with new system designs, replacing current systems to meet demand, address compliance necessities, or to maximize the speed users receive.


The most common Ubiquiti Networks line of products is the UniFi line. You’ve probably seen their access points somewhere in the city – white disks with a glowing blue light? The UniFi product line is known for providing businesses like yours with secure scalable wireless solutions.


The UniFi Protect line of products is geared towards audio/video surveillance. The line includes Network Video Recorders or NVR’s and cameras. The UniFi Protect Cameras come in a few different sizes, shapes, and resolutions. The New York Nerds can help you with a new installation or replacing your existing, antiquated hardware.


The UniFi Talk product and service line from Ubiquiti Networks is one of their newest offerings. UniFi talk is an extremely affordable VoIP (Voice over IP) solution for businesses. The UniFi Talk phones comes in 3 sizes, and are aesthetically pleasing. The New York Nerds can help you setup a new phone system for your business, or we can replace your current POTS system and save you $$$ monthly.


Ubiquiti Networks recently released their UniFi Access ServiceIt’s door and building access completely revamped. This is the access system you’ve always wanted, and now you can have. The UniFi Access line includes a combination of access cards, cameras, doorbells, and installation hardware that will work with existing bolt locks, magenetic locks, and electric strike doors. The New York Nerds will setup, configure, and maintain the Access System for your business.

EdgeMax, AirMax, AirFiber, and UFiber

Ubiquiti Networks other product lines – EdgeMax, AirMax, AirFiber, and UFiberare major players in the WAN/ISP/WISP realm. The New York Nerds can connect one office to another 20 miles away, or setup a secure VPN connection setup between remote workers and the office. Ubiquiti Networks is an all-inclusive business operating environment.

The New York Nerds doesn’t just install and support Ubiquiti Networks Products

We manage them too! Here are other services we offer

  • New Device Setups
  • Information Migration Services
  • iOS, iPadOS, and macOS security and OS Hardening
  • Hardware and Software Consulting
  • Hardware and Software Troubleshooting
  • Hardware and Software Upgrades
  • General Day-to-Day Apple Support
  • Cloud Integration/Separation/Migration Services.

  • Managed Apple Desktop Services
  • Apple Server Setups, Troubleshooting, and Management.
  • Apple Desktop Training
  • External Hardware Consolidation and Management
  • Expert Mac Tune-Up Services
  • Virus/Spyware/Malware/Rootkit Detection and Removal Services
  • Much More – Call us at 516.606.3774

The New York Nerds make a difference; we provide services 24/7 for a remarkable experience at every point. Our certified Ubiquiti Networking and UniFi IT professionals guarantee the clients’ problems are resolved quickly and economically.

As the leading Managed Service Provider in New York City, we assist businesses from mom-and-pop to large-scale enterprises to prevent day daily IT care and enhance overall IT performance by monitoring their network day and night.

Outsource your IT infrastructure up-keep to The New York Nerds and lower your capital and operational costs.

NY/FL Nerds Unifi

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