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Who are the NY/FL Nerds?


We’re the IT experts who offer in-home computer repair NY. Put an end to lugging your computer to the nearest hole-in-the-wall computer store and crossing your fingers that they can fix the problem. Just call us. And forget about the hassles of hooking everything up the way it’s supposed to be. We’re happy to do that for you. Is it time for an upgrade, but you’re nervous about what might go wrong? Call us for the smoothest upgrade of your life. Yes, we come to you. No matter what time of day — or night. When we say 24/7, we mean it. When you have a project due (and of course that’s when your computer goes on the fritz), we’ll show up to your home to get

everything back on track. Microsoft? We do that. Apple? Of course. Linux? No worries — we’ve got you covered. All PC and Mac hardware, all MS/Apple/Linux software.


We include installation and configuration of your operating system, service for your tablets and smartphones, assembly and building of quality PCs, small home servers detection, virus/spyware prevention and removal, and computer repair in NY.

Other Nerdy Things We Do:


Basically, everything you need. Setting up a new Wi-Fi router? Sure. Repairing your laptop’s broken keyboard? Of course. Keep reading for more “Yeah, we do that, too.“

New Computer?

Let us set it up for you. And yes, we’ll transfer all your data and apps so you can get back to work (or play) without a hiccup. Call or text us for more info at 516.606.3774.

Connectivity — Fast and Secure

Need to make a decision between cable, fiber, or satellite internet services? The NY/FL Nerds have over 25 years of experience referring the good people of NYC and the surrounding areas to the correct ISP. We’ll help you pick the right internet for your family and make sure you’re getting the best price around. We work with Verizon, Comcast, Charter, Optimum, RCN, and many more. Call or text us today for more information on how we can help get you connected or switch you to a faster, less expensive company.

Security You Can Count On

We’ll lock down your network and your computers to keep the bad guys away. We want to protect you, your family, and your data. So we’ll also help you learn to identify potential security threats and show you how to thwart them.


What Can We Do To Help? Start Counting:

Take a look at just some of our Nerdy residential services:

  • Protect your home network against malicious attacks and viruses
  • Configure your internet connection and fix any problems
  • Fix or replace your corrupted hard drive
  • Install and configure software and apps
  • Move data from one laptop or hard drive to another
  • PC/Laptop on-site or off-site repairs and fixes.
  • Repair your desktop or laptop — on-site or off
  • Recover that data you thought was lost
  • Configure and repair your tablets and smartphones
  • Repair and re-install corrupted software
  • Install and configure a new operating system (Windows/Mac/Linux)
  • Install new graphics cards, network cards
  • Supply new graphics and network cards as well as CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs
  • Customize your work environment
  • Add memory to your computer
  • Diagnose problems with your system or network
  • Hard Drive Installation with Data Transfer.
  • Get rid of viruses
  • Optimize your computer’s performance so it works at top speed
  • Assembly and build PCs and small home servers

Contact Us

Whew! And that’s not all. Seriously, whatever you need in the way of tech, the NY/FL Nerds can handle it. Want to know more? Fill out the form below or call / text us at 516.606.3774 and tell us how we can help.

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    More about Computer Repair New York from the NY/FL Nerds

    When choosing a Long Island New York computer repair store, look for one that specializes in a variety of technologies like computer and laptop service, repair and data recovery, and virus cleaning. It’s important to choose a company that will take care of all of your technology needs, from virus removal to data recovery.

    Warranty Service

    You’ll also want to find a computer repair Long Island shop that offers maintenance warranties to save you money. Some companies offer a one-year warranty on their repairs, which shows that they trust their services. Some stores offer free diagnostic services, which can help you avoid spending money on parts you don’t need. You can also get an estimate so you can see how much everything will cost.

    Computer Repair Hours of Operation

    A computer repair store should be flexible and offer convenient hours. Some stores may even offer house or work-call services. Getting a repair done at a store that offers 24-hour service can be especially convenient if you need your computer to be fixed in a hurry. Remember, an emergency can happen at any time.

    Another tip is to look for a computer repair store that offers mobile services. These shops often specialize in particular brands or models. They can also perform repairs for smaller devices, such as smartphones and tablets. You can even look for a computer repair store like the NY/FL Nerds that specializes in Apple products.

    Repair Workshop

    Make sure to find a shop that has a fully-stocked workshop. An electronics computer repair store should carry replacement parts for all major brands. If the repair shop doesn’t have replacement parts, it may take longer to fix your system. Also, be sure to look for one that has a good reputation. The repair shop should be able to perform laptop repair, spyware removal, basic data recovery services, and general computer repair NYC and upgrades.

    Make sure the computer repair store has liability insurance. This way, they’ll be covered in case of mistakes during the repair. It’s also helpful to check if the shop offers warranties for their labor.

    Check if they have a reputation for quality service. Some repair shops may have a reputation for high-quality work, but it’s best to choose one with a long track record and a long list of satisfied customers.

    Long Island Computer Repair Reviews

    Read computer repair service reviews. These can help you make a decision based on their experience solving customers’ computer problems. Avoid any computer repair store with a low rating, even if they have a convenient location.

    Those that lack testimonials are likely to have a history of dissatisfied customers. If possible, visit the store in person to confirm their service.

    Computer Repair Pricing

    Price is important. If you can offer a lower price, customers will come more often. A low price may help you get more business, but you might not make enough money to pay your salary. Therefore, it’s important to check the average rate of other computer repair stores in your area.

    Make sure to set prices that are in line with the competition and account for your own expenses. It’s also a good idea to consider certification. Not all certifications are created equally, so research the ones that are most applicable to your type of business.


    Ensure that the Long Island computer repair store has all the appropriate certifications and licenses. You can find this information on their website, via email, or in person. Check whether the business is bonded and insured to deal with broken hardware and security breaches. You should also check whether the technician is a Microsoft Certified Professional.