If your pc and or mac computer is on the fritz and you are looking for a residential computer repair look no further!

The Florida Nerds started out in 1994 in New York as the NY Nerds. Since then we have expanded our services into Florida and we stand the test of time with our reliable, trained, and skilled staff. The FL Nerds qualified, trained & experienced technicians are experienced, certified and skilled to fix and diagnose your computer crashes, pc laptop issues, lockups, errors and any hardware / software program problems including registry cleanup, running system & application backups, external drives & memory scrubbing. We offer various residential computer repair services to keep your PC and Mac running great:

Residential Computer Repair In South Florida

When your PC begins running slower than usual and you have to reinstall Windows, it’s time to call a computer technician to get to the root of the problem. Most of the time when your computer crashes or freezes up, the reason is not the hardware or operating system but the registry. The registry is the most important database on your computer and is the place that Windows uses to keep all the settings & options for the operating system as well as other programs & hardware configurations.

Registry Cleaning:

The registry database is extremely important for your computer, because without it your computer won’t function like it does. The registry is the place where Windows stores all the settings & options that are necessary to run your operating system. However, it also holds the junk files that get stored there, which slows down your computer. Your computer needs to be able to process the files that are stored in the registry in order for Windows to function properly, so if they aren’t processing correctly then your system will be prone to crashes, freezing, performance degradation and more.

If you need your computer to run better, then you need to call a computer repair company to fix the problem. They will be able to diagnose and repair the registry and then optimize the computer so that your system is faster. This will also allow your computer to run more effectively and with less problems.

Virus/Spyware Removal residential computer repair:

Sometimes your computer will get infected with spyware or a virus. A good local computer company can take care of this on your desktop or laptop, pc and mac, either remotely or on site.

We’ve found that by just having standard virus scanning software installed like Norton or McAfee is not enough. Having a malware scanner like Malwarebytes is an important part of the prevention and removal of malware, spyware, adware, and the like.

Hard Drive Repair:

If your computer begins to behave strangely, it may be due to a damaged or broken hard drive. A computer repair expert can check this by taking a hard drive from your machine and examining it under a microscope. To fix the problem, they will either reset your hard drive or reformat it. depending on the nature of the problem.

System Repair residential computer repair:

If your computer begins having system or program failures, it may be due to hard drive failure. Many people do not realize that even if your hard drive seems to be working properly, if the hard drive itself is physically healthy, your computer will still run slower because it is unable to read the files that it needs to run. to avoid system and program failures.

Hard Drive Failures:

When your hard drive fails, the first thing that comes to your mind is replacing the drive but most of the time that will not be enough. You need to repair the hard drive, which is physically attached to your computer via a SATA cable. The main function of the SATA cables is to transfer information between the hard drive and your motherboard so that the drive can communicate with your computer and tell it what to do.

Sometimes, this is not enough to fix the problem because the hard drive failure is just part of the problem. Other times, your computer has a hardware problem and the data is being lost as well. In these cases, your computer may not be responding to your commands anymore. so your computer technician will need to reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows so that it can read your information from the disk again.

If you’d like more information please be sure to check out our residential services page. We have everything you need to keep your computer running strong on site and with remote services too.