social media in the workplace

30% of workers whose companies have an at-work social media policy say they use social media while on the job to take a break from work, compared with 40% of workers whose employers do not have such policies.By 2019, the world will have over 2 billion social network users.

Most people stay logged into their favorite sites all day long, periodically checking their different updates.

Social media can help employees feel closer to their friends and loved ones. Studies show that being able to use social networks can help reduce your negative emotions.

Workplace stress can cause serious medical problems like heart disease or high blood pressure. Maintaining a happy workplace is important to every team members health.

Read on to find out if you should allow social media in the workplace.

When to Use Social Media in the Workplace

One of your first rules should be when employees can use social sites. Make it clear that there are work-designated time blocks. During the work time blocks, employees can’t use social networks for their personal use.

If you have a secure business infrastructure, allowing freedom in online use can help boost office morale. However, without strong guidelines, work production can quickly suffer.

After employees understand when to use social media in the workplace, they can establish how to use it in a nonharmful way.

Protect Your Brand

One of the biggest threats your company can face is misrepresentation. If an employee defames another business with social media you could face a lawsuit. Your company’s name and brand reputation will immediately be put at risk.

Another possible threat would be an employee complaining about the company on social media. If the employees are saying negative things, customers will have trouble trusting your business.

Make it clear to employees that you have a zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate posts or tweets.

Training on Social Media Policy

How can you avoid brand misrepresentation and other social site issues?
Proper employee training and agreement statements can be powerful tools. Create an online course about the proper ways to use social sites at work.

Once the employee has completed the training have them sign a statement showing they fully comprehend the material. A managed IT services provider can help you craft or can provide a social media policy that can be tailored to your organization.

Mini Mind Vacation

Once you have your rules in place, your employees can start experiencing the benefits of using their favorite social platforms. Social media users experience a calming effect the second they log on.

It’s important to encourage employees to take frequent, short mental breaks. Screen breaks are especially important if you’re employees spend the majority of their day in front of the computer.

Walking away from their desk, stretching their legs, and checking their phone helps workers refresh their minds.

Communicating with Social Media

In some cases, social media can help interoffice communications. Instead of having to track a supervisor down, employees can Facebook message their questions.

Not only can your communications improve in the office but outside communications will also benefit.

Allow your employees to build meaningful professional relationships with potential customers. Staying in touch with professional connections can help generate future sales leads.

Embrace Digital Innovations

Social media in the workplace can be an effective tool for keeping employees happy and productive.

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